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Re: Self Organization in Scrum

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  • mpoppendieck
    ... to ... to ... the ... organize ... success. ... out ... they ... Jeff, I am not clear on what you mean by Zero Information State . Is it like zero-based
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 12, 2002
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      --- In scrumdevelopment@y..., "jsutherland" <jeff.sutherland@c...>
      > Thanks to Grady for enlivening the discussion on Scrum. I'd like
      > comment on the issue of self-organization which SCRUM was designed
      > create in software. Since software architectures reflect strongly
      > implicit assumptions of the creators, getting people to self-
      > is a way to affect innovation and dynamism of the software.
      > The basic ideas around the first software Scrums came from:
      > The New New Product Development Game
      > Hirotaka Takeuchi; Ikujiro Nonaka
      > Product Type: Harvard Business Review Article
      > Product#: 86116 Pub. Date: January 01, 1986
      > Length: 10p
      > The key issues in successful Japanese teams are summarized below.
      > They were always given a clear mission (impossible) by senior
      > management and told the companies future depended on their
      > Team members were carefully selected and then told to figure it
      > for themselves. Management was there primary to provide things
      > needed and eliminate roadblocks, or when necessary, change team
      > members.
      > 1. Drive to "zero information state"
      > 2. Ambiguity and fluctuation breeds new dynamic order within team
      > 3. Operate like startup company - initiative and risk, independent
      > agenda
      > 4. Teams must demonstrate autonomy, self-transcendence, and cross-
      > fertilization

      I am not clear on what you mean by "Zero Information State". Is it
      like zero-based budgeting, ie., start with a clean slate? Since
      it's one of your key points, I really would like to understand it.


      Mary Poppendieck
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