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Re: NUMMI, the success history that ends

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  • Juan Banda
    Flavio, Nice reading. First time I ve heard on NUMMI was when I ve read Mary and Tom Poppendieck s book, your article expanded my knowledge on case study. I d
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 21, 2009
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      Nice reading. First time I've heard on NUMMI was when I've read Mary and Tom Poppendieck's book, your article expanded my knowledge on case study.

      I'd encourage you to make it available in English though.



      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, Flávio Steffens de Castro <flavio.steffens@...> wrote:
      > Hello, people.
      > Do you know about the NUMMI (New United Motor Manufacturing Inc) case? The
      > company that was the worst manufacturer and became a reference, when adopted
      > the Toyota Production System?
      > I just published an article about it. It's an excellent reference about the
      > power of the lean manufacturing, PDCA processes, empowerment and cooperation
      > between people.
      > I know, the article is in portuguese. But in the end of the page you will be
      > able to download the english article that I used as a base for my post.
      > Also, I believe that you can use the "translation" of some internet tools to
      > help understand the content.
      > You can found at www.agileway.com.br
      > Oh, in next days I will post an article in english specially for this
      > community. It will be about a game that I had created to introduce the
      > SCRUM/Agile principles. I had already use it with a lot of people (with my
      > partner Rafael Prikadnicki) and we got a lot of success on it. Maybe you
      > will be interested too.
      > Thanks a lot.
      > Regards
      > _____________________
      > Flavio Steffens de Castro
      > www.agileway.com.br
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