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Re: [scrumdevelopment] CSM Auction

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  • Ilja Preuß
    Interesting idea. Of course, people on ebay buy all kinds of junk for much more than it s actually worth (including myself), so it s not a perfect test. OTOH,
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 19, 2009
      Interesting idea.

      Of course, people on ebay buy all kinds of junk for much more than it's actually worth (including myself), so it's not a perfect test. OTOH, it certainly sets an upper boundary! :)

      Thanks for an interesting experiment!

      Cheers, Ilja

      2009/10/19 tobias.mayer <scrum@...>

      What is the CSM course really worth?  Essentially, the market sets the rate.  Trainers charge what corporations are willing to pay.  If the price is too high, as it was seen to be when the recent recession hit earlier this year, classes do not fill up.  So trainers lower the prices until sales start increasing again, and that essentially is the new rate.

      The market sets the level that corporations are willing to pay for its employees to be trained.  But what if the employees have to pay for themselves?  The rates would undoubtedly be different, but how different?  I decided to take a first stab at finding out.

      I am running my first CSM course where participants can bid for a place in an open auction.  The course will take place in Palo Alto at the end of November, and you can join the auction here.  Ten places are up for auction with a starting bid of $100.  The other places are reserved for the unemployed through direct application.

      Please be aware that this is part of the WelfareCSM program, so there is a requirement that all participants pay out of their own pocket, and are not sponsored by an employer. These workshops are not cheap alternatives for companies wanting to train their staff, but are for those who would otherwise not have the opportunity to achieve CSM status.  Thanks.

      Tobias Mayer
      WelfareCSM  | AgileAnarchy | Twitter 

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