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[ANN] Agile System Adminstration aka Devopsdays '09 Ghent, Belgium - Early Bird registrations till 31 August

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  • Patrick Debois
    *Early Bird: 70 Euro s until 31 of August *Some have called this agile system administration
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 20, 2009
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      Early Bird: 70 Euro's until 31 of August

      Some have called this agile system administration others devops or devmin.

      So if you are a developer with a interest for system administration.
      or a sysadmin interested in development. Or a tester somewhere in between.

      Join us on the first conference that focuses on bringing the best of both worlds together,

      Devopsdays '09 , 30 & 31 October, Ghent, Belgium
      http://www.devopsda ys.org/

      the conference that tries to get the best of both dev and ops world.
      two days of fun and interesting talks.
      http://www.devopsda ys.org/programme

      Speakers include:
      Rachel Davies, Lindsay Holmwood, Matthias Skarin, Chris Read, Teyo Tyree, Matt Rechenburg
      http://www.devopsda ys.org/speakers

      Looking forward at meeting you,

      Patrick Debois

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