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[ANN] Save $400 via 5-pack discount for Agile 2009 Conference

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  • Nancy Van Schooenderwoert
    Hi, everyone - The Agile 2009 conference is set to be one of our best yet! Save the dates: August 24 - 28, Chicago, USA This year we are using personas as a
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      Hi, everyone -

      The Agile 2009 conference is set to be one of our best yet!

      Save the dates: August 24 - 28, Chicago, USA

      This year we are using "personas" as a quick way for attendees to tell
      which sessions will be most relevant to their needs.

      What's a persona? It's a short profile of someone who may have the
      same concerns and job role that you do. Each session at the conference
      is aimed at one persona, and there is a set of other personas who will
      also find it useful. They are noted with the session description.

      Here are some example personas:

      Brooke, Business Executive

      “I have peers telling me that adopting agile development is critical for
      my organization. How is agile different from the last process initiative
      we engaged in?”

      Brooke is a VP in her organization. She’s been asked to investigate
      agile development. Brook has questions about why agile development is
      better and how her company should take on adopting and scaling up this
      approach. After reading a bit about agile, she’s found that “agile
      exposes organizational problems.” Does this mean that adopting agile
      will cause her more problems?

      Brooke is considering attending "Take No Prisoners: How a Venture
      Capital Group Does Scrum" by Jeff Sutherland and Igor Altman, and
      "Adopting Agile in an FDA Regulated Environment" with J.R. Jenks and
      Tim Hughes.

      Rubin, Reluctant Agilist
      “My company's adopting agile. I'm here at the conference to observe and
      learn. I’ll let things flow over me and decide how I feel about this
      whole agile thing later.”

      Rubin’s company has sent several people to the conference to learn more
      about agile. He wants to understand how his current job will change in
      an agile environment. He’s concerned throwing out all the existing
      process will just add delay and confusion to his existing project. He
      wonders how agile could live up to the hype it’s been given.

      After thinking about it, Rubin might go to "Agile: placebo or real
      solution?", hosted by Linda Rising, and hear how it went with a big
      company at "Agile @ Yahoo! from the Trenches", by Mun-Wai Chung and
      Brian Drummond.

      Padma, Struggling Product Owner
      “I usually just furnish requirements to IT, I now find that I'm in a
      'product owner' role. I've never worked so deeply in software
      development. How do I do a better job at this?”

      Padma is a business stakeholder responsible customer service in her
      company. She relies on development for the the software she uses to
      manage the relationship with the company’s current and potential
      customers. She’s one of a number of business people in her company that
      have been pulled into a product ownership role in her company’s agile
      adoption. She’s got concerns about balancing her old job
      responsibilities with these new agile team responsibilities and doing a
      good job as a product owner at the same time.

      Padma is very interested in Mike Cohn's talk "Prioritizing Your Product
      Backlog". "A Business Value Focused Model for Story Identification &
      Prioritisation" by Shane Hastie also sounds excellent.

      ------->>> Conference Program is Here <<<-------

      The full program is announced, and you can see all of the sessions
      listed here:

      ------->>> 5-pack registration saves $400 per person! <<<-------

      Register now! Get a $400 discount via a 5-pack registration
      Go to http://agile2009.agilealliance.org/ and choose "Register".

      A regular non-member single registration is a great deal at $1799, but
      with a corporate group 5-pack, each person attends for only $1399 - a
      savings of $400 each! It will work for you and your 4 friends too, no
      need to be working together ;-)

      There's no better way to check out the benefits of Agile for your
      company than to turn your thought leaders loose among hundreds of
      expert-led sessions at Agile 2009. See you there!

      - Nancy Van Schooenderwoert and Eric Lefevre-Ardant
      Marketing Stage Production committee

      Nancy Van Schooenderwoert, Lean-Agile Partners Inc.

      781 301 1822 US mobile


      Specialties: Agile coaching for Embedded Systems, for Data Migrations,
      and for leadership of Lean-Agile change organization wide
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