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RE: [scrumdevelopment] Benefits of joining ScrumAlliance

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  • Stephen Haberman
    Hi, I like Deb s points about the ScrumAlliance brand/PR/overhead/individual motivation, and Bryan s comment about a site not necessarily leading to
    Message 1 of 113 , Jul 9, 2004
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      I like Deb's points about the ScrumAlliance brand/PR/overhead/individual
      motivation, and Bryan's comment about a site not necessarily leading to
      participation. Good points.

      I too worry about the work going into the new ScrumAlliance and again being
      for naught if our community fails to spend the time/effort on a formal

      That being said, I don't like the fragmentation of many different,
      overlapping resource sites (controlchaos.org, scrums.org, scrumalliance.org,
      just for Scrum, XP is even worse), much as Deb and Brad said. I'd rather
      have a single centralized, authoritative brand/resource. Which I think is
      what ScrumAlliance is supposed to be for Scrum.

      However, my proposal is:

      * Establish a "Portals" program in the AgileAlliance that builds shared
      infrastructure (email lists, article library, perhaps quarterly newsletter
      viewing/submission, research areas, etc.) that we think we need to grow our
      community to the next stage for all of the Agile communities instead of just


      * Good community infrastructure supported by and benefiting all the agile
      methods: Scrum, XP, DSDM, and perhaps even methods with fledgling
      communities like XBreed, etc. -- this lessens the chance we'll build another
      community site that suffers from lack of participation

      * scrum.agilealliance.org, xp.agilealliance.org, etc., could become
      primary, well-known portals for their respective communities with shared
      article libraries, resources, perhaps designated/unofficial maintainers for
      each community, and ideally RSS feeds about what is going on in the
      community -- this raises the chance that content will be contributed to the
      new infrastructure and make it worthwhile

      * The AgileAlliance has the brand/image, continuity, and financial support
      required for a successful centralized, authoritative resource that we want
      create for Scrum -- a new ScrumAlliance may, may not succeed in creating
      this brand/image/following

      * No effort duplication or brand competition between the AgileAlliance and
      ScrumAlliance, instead the AgileAlliance's brand but lack of a devoted
      community complements nicely with each method's devoted community but lack
      of formal brand/infrastructure

      * Billing/paying could be rolled into AgileAlliance dues, e.g. along with
      the base rate, people could check "CSM Company Listings Program - $500",
      "CSM Individual Supporter Program - $50".

      * Scattered resource sites could consolidate their material - e.g.
      controlchaos.com could move its literature to scrum.agilealliance.org and
      just become a shell of "Hi, I'm Ken, I teach CSM courses, here are the next
      ones." Which is all the sites needs to do (and does now) anyway.

      I think this shared community infrastructure would be cool. Perhaps it is
      too idealistic and monolithic to support those pesky agile methods, but I
      guess I see nothing wrong with an agile method having a fairly stable user
      community and infrastructure base. Perhaps it would even be a good thing.

      Granted, there are a lot of unknowns, like the political/financial aspects
      of cooperating with the AgileAlliance, whether other Agile methods like XP
      and DSDM would buy in to the idea, and ideally migrate their resources and
      communities, etc. And we could have lots of fun discussing the technical
      side of things - ideally everything is as simple as possible, of course.

      But I think it could work if other people think it’s a good idea and worth
      doing. If not, that's fine, it's my two cents anyway.

    • John A Thomson
      Hi Deb, ... That ... that ... decide ... Sounds good to me. I can t recall what we call a collection of pigs but we could use forage as our call to action!
      Message 113 of 113 , Jul 21, 2004
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        Hi Deb,

        > And on that note - how about we wrap voting up on Friday night?
        > will have given both weekend and weekday readers a chance. From
        > point the pigs can (flock? what do pigs do? oh, Scrum! :-) and
        > how to move forward.
        Sounds good to me.

        I can't recall what we call a "collection" of pigs but we could
        use "forage" as our call to action!

        > You can also volunteer to be a "pig" on the project there.
        > So far, voting has been light (understatement, for a list of 800

        It is worth noting that all pigs will be worked hard. Chickens who
        oink need not apply :-D.



        John A Thomson - CSM
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