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Re: Benefits of joining ScrumAlliance

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  • Brad Grant
    Ken, I generally echo Deb s sentiments here and agree that a common web-present home for everything authoritative Scrum will not only serve csm s, but
    Message 1 of 113 , Jul 9, 2004
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      Ken, I generally echo Deb's sentiments here and agree that a common
      web-present 'home' for everything authoritative Scrum will not only
      serve csm's, but potential customers and researchers better.


      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Deb" <deborah@h...> wrote:
      > I'm still scratching my head over this one... what can we expect
      > ScrumAlliance that is different from what we get on the
      > ScrumDevelopment list? Note: I'm not trying to rain on anyone's
      > parade, here: just contributing proactively rather than complaining
      > afterward :-)
      > Ken, I like your ideas of research, course development, methodology
      > development (as mentioned in the original concept), conferences...
      > although all of these would depend on participation, which seems to
      > have been weak until now. How will we motivate participation,
      > differently than has been done so far?
      > To put it bluntly: what's in it for the busy CSM who volunteers
      > time to make these programs work? I think part of the problem is
      > CSM does not mean a whole lot out in the world of work. Normally,
      > participating in a professional association looks good on a resume,
      > and this itself is one reason for participating. However,
      > ScrumAlliance does not mean anything to HR or even IT in most cases
      > (at this point). I'm wondering if there needs to be a PR aspect to
      > ScrumAlliance, to make it relevant, to make participation
      > Do we need to go on the road and make some noise at conferences to
      > some attention, develop a "name"? PR is not my area of expertise,
      > thinking aloud here.
      > We could also benefit from the ScrumAlliance url as a centralised
      > web-presence for Scrum - something that gets enough hits to show up
      > the search engines. This site could then direct casual browsers to
      > local Scrum groups' sites - to find speakers, discussion groups,
      > CSMs etc. However, again, this depends on the quality of this
      > site as a PR tool... it needs to be attractive, easy to navigate,
      > some easy-to-digest overviews for the general public, to entice them
      > to investigate further. I'd be especially willing to pay a
      > subscription if it would help develop and maintain a very
      > looking site that would impress potential employers or bosses to
      > I am trying to sell Scrum. The ControlChaos content seems a good
      > starting point, but we need a more polished UI and more helpful
      > navigation. (I'd be willing to participate in requirements analysis
      > for this, by the way).
      > The similar sites that stay most in my mind are those where I can
      > download whitepapers, diagrams etc, for free. So this is different
      > from the "CSMs only" aspect of the Alliance. There needs to be a
      > public face on it, to my mind. Something we give back openly to the
      > public. Obviously we don't want to give away what Ken charges to
      > - but summaries, tips, case studies, list of links, etc.
      > Another thing we could get is privacy - discussions with only CSMs,
      > which could be useful for discussing "chickens and pigs" or similar
      > touchy issues in a closed context.
      > Someone mentioned improving the plug-in. Personally, I find my excel
      > spreadsheet quite adequate, and if I upgraded it would have to be to
      > an actual tool that would provide some data integrity, concurrency
      > control, filtering ability, reporting etc. There seem to be a couple
      > in the works... one role the ScrumAlliance could potentially play is
      > to "approve" or "recommend" 3rd-party tools, and participate in
      > development if asked. So there could potentially be
      > ScrumAlliance-approved and non ScrumAlliance-approved tools out
      > distinguishing those that CSMs have collectively endorsed.
      > Would I pay to join? Yes, the first year (out of curiosity).
      > If it did not give me anything useful, something I could not get
      > elsewhere, maybe not the second year.
      > Would I participate? Given that face-to-face communication is the
      > richest kind for development of software or methodologies or
      > else - I'd prefer to put my energy into my local Scrum group, so
      > not. UNLESS there was a way for my local group to contribute to the
      > larger cause via the ScrumAlliance - now there's a thot.
      > Well, those are my idas, after some discussion here in Toronto.
      > ciao!
      > deb
    • John A Thomson
      Hi Deb, ... That ... that ... decide ... Sounds good to me. I can t recall what we call a collection of pigs but we could use forage as our call to action!
      Message 113 of 113 , Jul 21, 2004
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        Hi Deb,

        > And on that note - how about we wrap voting up on Friday night?
        > will have given both weekend and weekday readers a chance. From
        > point the pigs can (flock? what do pigs do? oh, Scrum! :-) and
        > how to move forward.
        Sounds good to me.

        I can't recall what we call a "collection" of pigs but we could
        use "forage" as our call to action!

        > You can also volunteer to be a "pig" on the project there.
        > So far, voting has been light (understatement, for a list of 800

        It is worth noting that all pigs will be worked hard. Chickens who
        oink need not apply :-D.



        John A Thomson - CSM
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