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Benefits of joining ScrumAlliance

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  • Deb
    I m still scratching my head over this one... what can we expect from ScrumAlliance that is different from what we get on the ScrumDevelopment list? Note: I m
    Message 1 of 113 , Jul 9, 2004
      I'm still scratching my head over this one... what can we expect from
      ScrumAlliance that is different from what we get on the
      ScrumDevelopment list? Note: I'm not trying to rain on anyone's
      parade, here: just contributing proactively rather than complaining
      afterward :-)

      Ken, I like your ideas of research, course development, methodology
      development (as mentioned in the original concept), conferences...
      although all of these would depend on participation, which seems to
      have been weak until now. How will we motivate participation,
      differently than has been done so far?

      To put it bluntly: what's in it for the busy CSM who volunteers their
      time to make these programs work? I think part of the problem is that
      CSM does not mean a whole lot out in the world of work. Normally,
      participating in a professional association looks good on a resume,
      and this itself is one reason for participating. However,
      ScrumAlliance does not mean anything to HR or even IT in most cases
      (at this point). I'm wondering if there needs to be a PR aspect to the
      ScrumAlliance, to make it relevant, to make participation attractive?
      Do we need to go on the road and make some noise at conferences to get
      some attention, develop a "name"? PR is not my area of expertise, just
      thinking aloud here.

      We could also benefit from the ScrumAlliance url as a centralised
      web-presence for Scrum - something that gets enough hits to show up on
      the search engines. This site could then direct casual browsers to
      local Scrum groups' sites - to find speakers, discussion groups, local
      CSMs etc. However, again, this depends on the quality of this central
      site as a PR tool... it needs to be attractive, easy to navigate, have
      some easy-to-digest overviews for the general public, to entice them
      to investigate further. I'd be especially willing to pay a
      subscription if it would help develop and maintain a very professional
      looking site that would impress potential employers or bosses to whom
      I am trying to sell Scrum. The ControlChaos content seems a good
      starting point, but we need a more polished UI and more helpful
      navigation. (I'd be willing to participate in requirements analysis
      for this, by the way).

      The similar sites that stay most in my mind are those where I can
      download whitepapers, diagrams etc, for free. So this is different
      from the "CSMs only" aspect of the Alliance. There needs to be a
      public face on it, to my mind. Something we give back openly to the
      public. Obviously we don't want to give away what Ken charges to teach
      - but summaries, tips, case studies, list of links, etc.

      Another thing we could get is privacy - discussions with only CSMs,
      which could be useful for discussing "chickens and pigs" or similar
      touchy issues in a closed context.

      Someone mentioned improving the plug-in. Personally, I find my excel
      spreadsheet quite adequate, and if I upgraded it would have to be to
      an actual tool that would provide some data integrity, concurrency
      control, filtering ability, reporting etc. There seem to be a couple
      in the works... one role the ScrumAlliance could potentially play is
      to "approve" or "recommend" 3rd-party tools, and participate in their
      development if asked. So there could potentially be
      ScrumAlliance-approved and non ScrumAlliance-approved tools out there,
      distinguishing those that CSMs have collectively endorsed.

      Would I pay to join? Yes, the first year (out of curiosity).
      If it did not give me anything useful, something I could not get
      elsewhere, maybe not the second year.

      Would I participate? Given that face-to-face communication is the
      richest kind for development of software or methodologies or anything
      else - I'd prefer to put my energy into my local Scrum group, so maybe
      not. UNLESS there was a way for my local group to contribute to the
      larger cause via the ScrumAlliance - now there's a thot.

      Well, those are my idas, after some discussion here in Toronto.
    • John A Thomson
      Hi Deb, ... That ... that ... decide ... Sounds good to me. I can t recall what we call a collection of pigs but we could use forage as our call to action!
      Message 113 of 113 , Jul 21, 2004
        Hi Deb,

        > And on that note - how about we wrap voting up on Friday night?
        > will have given both weekend and weekday readers a chance. From
        > point the pigs can (flock? what do pigs do? oh, Scrum! :-) and
        > how to move forward.
        Sounds good to me.

        I can't recall what we call a "collection" of pigs but we could
        use "forage" as our call to action!

        > You can also volunteer to be a "pig" on the project there.
        > So far, voting has been light (understatement, for a list of 800

        It is worth noting that all pigs will be worked hard. Chickens who
        oink need not apply :-D.



        John A Thomson - CSM
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