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ANN: July 9, Chicago - David Anderson - FDD, Architecture & Agile QA

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  • Brad Appleton
    In the past, folks from these YahooGroup s have asked me to fwd info about such events to the list. This is an announcement of an agile presentation in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2004
      In the past, folks from these YahooGroup's have asked me to
      fwd info about such events to the list. This is an announcement
      of an "agile" presentation in the Chicago area on Friday July 9

      Brad Appleton <brad@...| www.bradapp.net
      Software CM Patterns (www.scmpatterns.com)
      Effective Teamwork, Practical Integration
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      Just an FYI that the ChAD wiki is "up" again and the announcement
      is now posted there as well at:

      If those planning to attend can can signup on that page,
      it would help give us an idea of how many people to expect.

      | WHERE
      | =====
      | DePaul University, CTI Building
      | Egan Urban Center (CTI room 9102)
      | 243 S. Wabash
      | Chicago, Illinois 60604
      | Thanks to DePaul ISE for being our host for the event!!!
      | WHEN
      | ====
      | Friday, July 9 6pm-8:30pm
      | (refreshments and networking from 6pm-6:30pm)
      | WHO
      | ===
      | David Anderson is the author of "Agile Management for Software
      | Engineering" Prentice Hall PTR, September 2003) and its
      | companion website (with numerous articles, presentations
      | and blog entries) at <www.agilemanagement.net|. He is an
      | independent consultant with VA Systems Professional Services
      | (www.vasps.com) and has 22 years experience in the software-
      | development business.
      | Until April 2004, he held the position of Director of Emerging
      | Technology at 4thpass Inc - a Motorola subsidiary in Seattle,
      | WA. David was a member of the team that created the agile
      | software development method known as Feature Driven Development
      | in Singapore between 1997 and 1999. David introduced FDD at
      | Sprintpcs.com, the Internet business unit of Sprint PCS in
      | Kansas City, MO, where he reported to John Yuzdepski, VP &
      | GM. He was one of a core team of 8 senior managers and junior
      | execs who created the technical product offer for the launch of
      | PCS Vision. He also launched the Sprint Application Developer
      | program for wireless data applications in October 2001. David
      | had brief spells working as a consultant for Nokia USA in Irving
      | TX, and Eircell in Dublin Ireland. Earlier in his career he
      | held managerial positions in two startups in the UK - Rombo,
      | a video imaging company - and MDi Systems, a document imaging
      | company. David holds a degree in Electronics and Computer
      | Science from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK.
      | WHAT
      | ====
      | Topic - "Architecture at the heart of Agile Quality Assurance -
      | a brief history of The Coad Method and FDD"
      | The talk will discuss how Peter Coad deeply believed in OO
      | architecture and its promise of re-use to enable delivery of
      | frequent, tangible, working results and how The Coad Method
      | evolved through the 1990's and eventually morphed into Feature
      | Driven Development. We will then hear why Coad's Domain Modeling
      | in Color technique is at the heart of FDD's quality assurance
      | mechanisms and how it drives sustained velocity on larger
      | projects. Along the way, we will note some observations on
      | FDD and the Six Sigma methodology.
      | In the remaining time, David will run an "Improv Modeling"
      | session to show the power of color modeling as a true agile
      | modeling technique. David says: "Last time I did this we
      | modeling bee keeping, honey harvesting, and bee hive rental.
      | It was good fun. The audience suggests the topics and the change
      | requests on the fly."
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