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Re: Experiences in using Agile Process for community Open Source Projects?

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  • smaffulli
    ... We re actually experimenting something similar with Funambol: we re investigating if there is a way to include volunteer based contributions into the SCRUM
    Message 1 of 12 , Mar 24, 2009
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      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, Patrick Debois <Patrick.Debois@...> wrote:
      > Any other experiences in turning a community effort into a more
      > 'structured' project approach?

      We're actually experimenting something similar with Funambol: we're investigating if there is a way to include volunteer based contributions into the SCRUM sprint cycles of the company-sponsored development.

      We're making some tests with the Funambol client for Android https://android-client.forge.funambol.org/. The most important issues we expect to face are related to communication within the team and commitment to time constrained releases from volunteers. Both are largely common within free software/oss projects.

      We drafted a process 'how to contribute'

      In short, development core team is made of highly committed people (either paid by Funambol or others). This team is also responsible for planning the sprint. Volunteers can show up any time and request to work on a user story from the backlog. Being a volunteer contribution instead of a paid one, it's up to the volunteer to estimate the story points/effort necessary to finish the user story. The dev team will approve and assign the story, asking the volunteer to promise to deliver the code within the date he chose.

      The other issue we need to work on is the communication culture. SCRUM is about face2face communication in informal stand up meetings: how to map meetings to online meetings with people dispersed in different time zones? IMHO it doesn't make sense to even try to force synchronous communication. Instead we should focus on promoting short informal communication within contributors, even if asynchronous. The resulting process may not be SCRUM at all, but it may be something that blends with it.

      What do you think? Has anybody else tried to mix paid developers using SCRUM and volunteers?
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