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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum in a contact center

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  • Xavier Quesada Allue
    Hi Federico, Scrum is best suited for project and product development type work. You know: situations where you have a backlog, a product owner, you need to do
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 25, 2009
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      Hi Federico,

      Scrum is best suited for project and product development type work. You know: situations where you have a backlog, a product owner, you need to do planning, you think you know what's going to happen but then everything changes, etc.

      For teams that deal with a steady flow of unplannable small work (typically, teams that deal with "tickets"), you're better off sticking with Scrum/Agile principles, values and best practices (as Mike Freislich suggested and described in his original post) as general guidelines; and maybe trying something more Lean for the process itself. These approaches have been recently described as "Scrumban" or "Kanban development". I do not fully endorse them, and as Brian Marick recently observed they are jargon-laden, but if you read the literature you might get some insights on how to build a custom process that fits your team while retaining as many Scrum best practices as are feasible in your situation.


      On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 12:48 PM, Federico Sevilla III <jijo@...> wrote:

      I'd like to chime in here and basically say +1. I'm fresh out of a
      Certified ScrumMaster training program, before which we had two months
      of experimenting with Scrum hands on at our company. While we do
      software development, it is not our core and it is not what we spend
      most of our time doing.

      What we do spend most of our time doing are implementing and supporting
      (rinse, lather, repeat, as we iterate through upgrades, enhancements,
      etc.) for our customers various open source systems and the
      infrastructure they rely on. For our customers we are either an
      outsourced IT shop, or a support team to their in-house IT people.

      I have also been feeling that in many ways Scrum-by-the-book is more fit
      for pure software development. At the same time, the principles behind
      Scrum are perfect for us, if we can only properly tune the practices
      without falling into the trap of becoming a "Scrum, but..."

      Like Mike, I look forward to case-studies, further thoughts, and

      Thank you very much.


      On Wed, 2009-02-25 at 09:42 +0200, Mike Freislich wrote:
      > Hi there,
      > I have a customer who is implementing Scrum in the development and
      > system administration teams. Things are working well in those teams,
      > and they are looking to harness some of the goodness of Scrum in their
      > Contact Center (CC) environment. I'm interested to know if anyone has
      > used Scrum in a contact center environment. My view is that
      > Scrum-by-the-book is probably a square peg in a round hole for this
      > environment. That being said, I do believe that many of the values and
      > principles of Scrum could be utilised e.g.:
      >      1. Business and team collaborate to find better solutions to
      >         business problems
      >      2. Team retrospects frequently and adapts process to better
      >         satisfy environment (empirical process)
      >      3. Perhaps CC-manager should keep backlog of "features" to be
      >         rolled out (whether this is new CC software / telephony
      >         system / IVR script etc.), and drive implementation of this
      >         through the CC team. (i.e. product owner). This would suggest
      >         that there may be some kind of Sprint planning.
      >      4. Perhaps CC-supervisor changes role to SM and meets with the
      >         team regularly to identify impediments, and works to resolve
      >         these.
      > I see Scrum as a tool that can help raise visibility of problems that
      > need solving. I still need to get better insight from my customer as
      > to how their CC currently runs, and what kinds of problems they are
      > hoping to address by using Scrum.
      > Any case-studies, further thoughts or suggestions?
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