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Re: [scrumdevelopment] PO Wants to Cancel Story in the Middle of a Sprint

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  • Michael Sahota
    Hi Ron, Good points. Makes me think that there are at least two reasonable measures of velocity. The first is the work successfully completed by the delivery
    Message 1 of 14 , Jan 22, 2009
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      Hi Ron, Good points. 

      Makes me think that there are at least two reasonable measures of velocity. 

      The first is the work successfully completed by the delivery team (which would include the deprecated story).  This is useful for planning the next iteration.

      The second velocity is the measure of USEFUL work completed (which would not include the deprecated story).  The latter could be measure in $.  This is useful for measuring progress towards a business goal.

      The divergence between these two is an indicator of waste in the system and opportunity for improvement. 

      - Michael

      Ron Jeffries wrote:

      Hello, Michael. On Thursday, January 22, 2009, at 9:11:25 AM, you

      > My 2cents - the WHOLE TEAM - including the PO is responsible for useful
      > work getting accomplished (=Velocity). So a story that is no longer
      > needed or one that was badly conceptualized and is unusable,
      > mis-conceived, etc. does not count.

      Well, yes and no. In Scrum, the PO is the /single/ wringable neck as
      regards delivering the right stuff at the right time. From that
      viewpoint, the development team is a sort of software building
      machine that produces features in good condition at some rate.

      So the team's ability to produce 50, not 40, is an important input
      into the PO's thinking, and it is of some value for the PO to be
      aware that 10 out of 50 was wasted, so that she can reflect on her
      story selection process.

      I agree with the observation that if this keeps up, the effective
      USEFUL velocity of the whole team is going to be 40. But the other
      figure, 50, is important as well.

      > In one company, the delivery team was measured on velocity with high
      > velocity = good team and low velocity = bad team. This kind of
      > thinking is wrong headed. Velocity is something that the whole team
      > (including P.O.) can be curious about during the retrospective.
      > Everyone involved is responsible for making things work.

      I certainly agree that comparing velocity is problematical. On the
      other hand if we COULD associate a dollar value with every story,
      wouldn't we want to do it?

      Ron Jeffries
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