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RE: [scrumdevelopment] Planning multiple sprints

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  • Mike Beedle
    Baboo: We have done things like this since 1996 (Mercer, Nike Securities, Lincoln Reinsurance, Caremark, Hipaa Accelerator, New Governance, etc.) Here are few
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 5 3:15 AM
      We have done things like this since 1996 (Mercer, Nike Securities,
      Lincoln Reinsurance, Caremark, Hipaa Accelerator, New Governance, etc.)
      Here are few answers to your questions:
          1. The Scrum masters in each team are the Project Managers (with the
          new Scrum attitude and responsibilities that Scrum REDEFINES)
          2. There is optionally a Scrum Master for the Shared Services
          (or sometimes called architecture team), this applies specially if your applications
          use shared components (databases, app servers, transaction managers,
          security, workflow, and other services)
          3. the combined backlog of all project including Shared Services
          is the "global backlog"
          4. each project manages its own backlog but has in it often
          "shared components" tasks
          5. the shared backlog is maintained by the Shared Services team
          6. The technical leads of every team belong to the "architecture
          7. There is optionally a "Shared Services" technical lead, (sometimes
          called an "enterprise architect"
          8. The technical leads meet at least once a week for a "technical
          shared scrum"
          9. The Scrum Masters of every team meet in a Scrum of Scrums at
          least once a week to discuss:
              - dependencies
              - responsibilities for shared components
              - conflicts
              - possibilities for reuse
          10. The "Shared Services" team offers help to other teams
          often by borrowing "technical leads" and/or developers to them
      At Caremark we had up to 17 teams working under this system.  At New Governance
      we have had up to 5 teams working using this system.
      Also, the evolution of 1 scrum team into multiple dependent teams is discussed
      in Ch 7 of the first Scrum book.
      We are proposing to use this management system to our customers/prospects
      to manage the governance and enterprise compliance of Fortune 500 companies.
      There is more information about this at:
      (was XBreed)
      (We don't actively sell consulting services in this area anymore since we
      have become a "software company" http://www.newgovernance.com
      but I keep the website mainly to make this information available to others that could
      potentially benefit from this information.)
      - Mike

      ** We have renamed our company and realigned our focus into
      the broader Compliance and Governance markets.  Our email and
      web site at Hipaa Accelerator will stay current and will
      be redirected to our corresponding New Governance addresses.

      Michael A. Beedle Ph. D.
      New Governance Inc.
      2275 Half Day Rd. Suite 350
      Bannockburn, IL 60015
      cell:    847-840-9890
      office: 847-821-2631
      email:  mike.beedle@...

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      From: Baboo Kureemun [mailto:baboo.kureemun@...]
      Sent: Friday, June 04, 2004 11:21 AM
      To: scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [scrumdevelopment] Planning multiple sprints

      Hi there,

      We are new adepts of scrum, and this is our third month into it. Our
      first month started with one sprint for one of our teams. In the second
      month, we had three teams, hence three daily scrums. We are continuing
      in that same vein for the current month. We just came out of
      effort-draining planning sessions given that the three sprints start on
      the same day (hence, they end on the same day). Here are some questions
      (probably bantered with before) that I would be grateful having some
      pointers on:

      (a) Before scrum, we had a (technical) team lead in charge of the
      technical (programming-side) aspects within each team, and a project
      manager (less technical/more managerial) co-ordinating the efforts among
      projects as well as the QA team. Who would qualify for the scrum master?
      Would this be the team lead? Or, would this be the project manager (who
      is neither developing, nor testing nor tech writing?  What are the
      'qualifications' of a scrum master?

      (b) We are currently following the rule of the calendar month aligned
      with the sprints. This means that three sprints start together, and end
      together. The product owner goes to three sprint reviews and three
      sprint planning sessions between sprints ... any thoughts as to whether
      it makes sense staggering the sprints? ... Anybody tried that? Can a
      sprint be defined as a 30-day cycle that starts on any date with no
      bearing on the calendar month?

      Thanks for clarifying,

      Baboo Kureemun
      Project Manager
      EVault, Inc.
      905-844-4453 x283
      905-844-5606 fax

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    • ae_dillon
      Mike, I tried the link http://www.enterpriseagileprocess.com, but it doesn t appear to be working. Is there another URL where the information you mentioned can
      Message 2 of 3 , Jun 14 2:31 PM
        I tried the link http://www.enterpriseagileprocess.com, but it
        doesn't appear to be working. Is there another URL where the
        information you mentioned can be located?
        Ann Dillon
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