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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum implmentation help please

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  • Kent J McDonald
    Here s my $.02 worth regarding the Sprint Planning Meeting. Based on my experience working on a multi-location design team (auto industry, not software) if the
    Message 1 of 2 , May 18, 2004
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      Here's my $.02 worth regarding the Sprint Planning Meeting.

      Based on my experience working on a multi-location design team (auto industry,
      not software) if the budget allows it all, you should try to get both teams in
      the same location at the beginning of the project. You could then at least do
      the initial Sprint Planning meeting at the same time and give the team a chance
      to get to know each other. After that you may have to be more creative, but at
      least starting off it would be tremendously helpful to give everyone a chance
      to meet each other. You could also use this time to do some SCRUM training
      before you get started.
      Kent J. McDonald
      Master your instrument, master the music, and then forget all that and just
      play. -- Charlie Parker

      Quoting Curt Stevens <cstevens@...>:

      > My apology if this has been covered before.
      > I am introducing Scrum to my company and so I have some questions. I'll
      > be taking the CSM course soon (can't wait to get back to Boulder where I
      > lived for 10 years), but I have some hard questions to address as I
      > evangelize Scrum to management and developers. Is there any information
      > out there suggesting how one might best adjust Scrum to fit the
      > distributed nature of offshore development. I'm sure that one answer is
      > to not do offshoring, but that is not an option here.
      > The plan is to train someone here (me) and someone in India to be CSMs.
      > We will then coach the appropriate staff to understand their roles as
      > Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Team Members. We will try to organize
      > separate Sprint Teams in the US and India and where those teams are
      > working on the same project, synchronize them using the Scrum of Scrums
      > technique.
      > Some issues/questions for the group:
      > - Since our developers are mostly (but not completely) in India and the
      > Product Owners are here in the US, the time difference makes is
      > impossible to have an 8 hour Sprint Planning Meeting without somebody
      > pulling an all-nighter. The "brain trust" developers for most of our
      > products are here in the US and could certainly meet with the product
      > owners in an SPM, but the rest of the team members would not be there to
      > hear the explanations and to select their work for the Sprint. This
      > seems like a clear violation of Scrum principles.
      > - Even if we manage to split the work up such that independent Sprint
      > Teams can operate in the US and India, there is still the coordination
      > issue. How does the Scrum of Scrums technique work in practical terms
      > between here and India? Should the Scrum of Scrums be a daily activity
      > immediately following the Daily Scrums? If so, has anyone effectively
      > done a daily meeting between India and US? Since the Team Members will
      > be collocated and having their Daily Scrums in person, is it acceptable
      > (i.e., effective within reason) for the ScrumMasters to do the Daily
      > Scrum of Scrums via email and reduce the conference calls to perhaps
      > twice a week?
      > - What about the case where the team really is split between here and
      > India. One of our teams consists of 3 or 4 developers with the senior
      > guy here and the others in India. Does Scrum just fail to provide the
      > framework necessary to function effectively in this situation?
      > - Am I asking stupid questions that have clear answers I'm simply blind
      > to? :-)
      > Thanks for any input.
      > Curt Stevens
      > Future Certified ScrumMaster
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