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Workshop on Empirical Evaluation of Agile Processes (EEAP 2002)

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  • Grigori Melnik
    Workshop on Empirical Evaluation of Agile Processes (EEAP 2002) =============================================================== http://sern.ucalgary.ca/eeap/
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2002
      Workshop on Empirical Evaluation of Agile Processes (EEAP 2002)

      Workshop on Empirical Evaluation of Agile Processes (EEAP 2002)


      Chicago, Illinois, USA, August 7, 2002, Marriott Lincolnshire
      Held in conjunction with XP/Agile Universe 2002

      Imagine the benefits of knowing that an XP project expends more effort understanding software requirements than does a team using a typical traditional, or waterfall approach. Imagine the benefits of being able to predict that for this particular combination of customer, product, and project team, agile modeling is going to benefit the team more than a strict XP implementation. The world we seek is one that demystifies the success of agile methods and supports everyday practitioners to apply the right method at the right time. We believe measurements are key to making these decisions and to making agile methods more accessible.

      The goals of this workshop are to attract those who believe that software development methods require measurement to establish a framework for 1) controlling an agile software process; 2) determining the situations when applying agile methods would be beneficial and 3) planning and budgeting for a software development effort that involve agile methods. The intent is to discuss the current state of ongoing empirical research efforts in agile methods and to work towards establishing an agile measurement framework.

      Important Dates
      Deadline for submission of position papers: June 15, 2002
      Notification of acceptance: July 7, 2002
      Workshop date: August 7, 2002

      More Information

      Visit the EEAP 2002 web site at http://sern.ucalgary.ca/eeap/ for all the details of the workshop, or contact one of the organizers directly:

      Grigori Melnik (Primary Contact)
      Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT)
      Department of Information and Communications Technologies
      1301 - 16th Ave. N.W.
      Calgary, AB, T2M 0L4

      Adam Geras
      University of Calgary
      Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
      2400 University Dr. N.W.
      Calgary, AB T2N 1N4

      Laurie Williams
      North Carolina State University
      Department of Computer Science
      Campus Box 7534
      1010 Main Campus Road, 407 EGRC
      Raleigh, NC 27695

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