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[ANN] Nov. 8 & 9 - Deep Agile 2008, “Not as Easy as You Thought” with James Coplien and Bob Martin

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  • Jay Conne
    Fellow Agilists, This is the third 2-day intensive Agile Seminar I have hosted through ACM chapters in Boston. My goal is to bring 2 or more masters of a
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 12, 2008
      Fellow Agilists, 

      This is the third 2-day intensive Agile Seminar I have hosted through ACM chapters in Boston.  My goal is to bring 2 or more masters of a topic together to share a 2-day intensive conversation at MIT with a passionate and knowledgeable audience.  We will challenge and stimulate your thinking while providing food and good company.  Our previous seminars in 2007 hosted Jeff Sutherland, Ron Jeffries, Mary & Tom Poppendieck and Nancy Van Schooenderwoert. 

      You won't find this intensity of insight at conferences with many tracks and short sessions.  Like the previous ones, this will be remembered as a seminal Agile event.  And the price is right as it is all volunteer run.  Please see the announcement below with links for more details and secure online registration. 

      Jay Conne
      Agile Bazaar ACM Chapter, VP
      and Deep Agile 2008 Event Chair
      Jay Conne Consulting  --  Demystification of Technology
                 Agile Project Management Leadership
        Lean/Agile Coach, Trainer  & ScrumMaster-Practicing
       617-776-0339                                   http://www.jconne.com/
       M: 617-470-5038                                       

                    ***** Deep Agile 2008, Boston *****
                       “Not as Easy as You Thought”

                      A 2-Day Intensive Conversation
              with James Coplien and Bob Martin at MIT

        Sponsored by the Agile Bazaar, ACM Chapter.
                           Hosted by Jay Conne 

      The sparks will fly when two passionate professionals - Jim Coplien and Bob Martin - square off to make the world safe for software development.  In the corner of architecture, patterns and agile is Jim Coplien.  Driving the necessity of test based design is "Uncle Bob" Martin. 

      Each will use their long track records, numerous case studies, and success stories to argue that they have the answers you need to deliver successful projects and products.  The difference here is that we are presenting both sides of the story, and working with Jim and Bob to show how both approaches meet in the arena of professional software development.

      Come prepared to be surprised and have your assumptions questioned!  Our goal is to get well beyond the buzzwords and introductory agile ideas, and to get you thinking. 

      What:             Deep Agile 2008: Not as Easy as you Thought! 
      When:           Sat-Sun, November 8-9, 2008, 9:00am to 5:00pm 
                           Saturday evening dinner and session included.
                           Registration will open at 8:30am 
      Where:          MIT, Cambridge, MA - Room E51-345 
      Questions?    jay@... with Subject: [Deep Agile 2008]... 

      Only $495 at the Super early bird rate. That expires on Sept 23 so don't put off registering!  We'll make it even easier ­ when you register, enter the Scrum Development Yahoo Group discount code: DA2008YHW4K for a further $50 off.  You'll pay only $445 ­ a full $205 savings off the standard price!  

      Space is limited to 90 in this MIT seminar room and we are expecting to sell out early.  
      So register early!  Go to http://agilebazaar.org/

                    Sessions Offered:

      * What Makes Agile Hard to deliver?
              Don't repeat others’ mistakes ­ find out how the
              experts handle the recurrent problems that plague
              Agile initiatives.

      * Agile and Architecture: How Much is enough?
              Can good design emerge from TDD or should you use
              patterns to create an architecture up-front?

      * Agile and Patterns
              As co-founder of the software patterns community,
              James Coplien has some strong opinions on where
              Agilistas are going wrong.

      * TDD ­ Essential Discipline or Harmful Fad?
              Can Test Driven Development create bad habits, or
              poor design?  You can't find two more knowledgeable
              gurus to debate it than Bob and Jim!

      * Evening Pub Session: Patterns on Steroids
              Gaze into the depths from whence emerged the patterns
              concepts ­ where else but at a pub, over beers, with
              James Coplien!

      * Lean vs. Agile
              How does a philosophy born in manufacturing guide
              software architecture?  Or should it?  Find out where it
              matches or misses.

      * Agile and Professionalism
              Good software architecture is at the core of too many
              essential services and products for us *not* to consider
              this a profession.  But what does that entail?

      * Panel Discussion/Open Discussion
              Your chance to join in the discussion of the two days’
              content with the speakers and panelists.  Test out your
              new insights!

      * * * * *  Sponsored by AccuRev and Version One  * * * * *

      Registration and More Details at http://agilebazaar.org/
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