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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: [OT] Video of how to make a squirrel sandwich.

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  • Eric Deslauriers
    It does appear, however, to be accurate. We went to Disney this summer and a Fatburger contingency was out front handing out coupons. Since no non-Fatburger
    Message 1 of 6 , Sep 12, 2008
      It does appear, however, to be accurate.

      We went to Disney this summer and a Fatburger contingency was out front handing out coupons. Since no non-Fatburger folk were around (it was still very early), I asked them if the story was true. Apparently it's still taught in their onboarding classes (my assumption since they ALL knew the story). Once I explained that I wasn't poking fun and I was just curious, they gave me some coupons for free burgers. :-)

      Ford Pinto - they sacrificed safety, and more than a few lives, for less than appx $2 in parts; a simple shield over 2 screws would have eliminated most of the rear-end explosions.
      Current model Ford Police Interceptors, until recently, also suffered from explosion-itis. Lots of details on the web.
      Ford Explorers and Firestone tires - the tires were underrated, weight-wise, for the vehicles they were installed on.

      Save a few $$ per vehicle and sell a couple million of them, and it adds up to big savings - even after you pay out the lawsuits.

      Ford, you will find, is quite the fallow ground for quality issues in the form of safety compromises in the name of acceptable risk. Their logo might more accurately read "Uality is job L"

      Friends don't let friends drive Fords... and I worried for my brother, who's a LEO, constantly when he drove a Ford cop car.

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      On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 4:38 PM, Mark Levison <mlevison@...> wrote:

      Presumably because of the squirrel burger story:

      Bob is the new night manager at FatBurger. One night a man walks in
      and requests a double Fat-burger with cheese, a large order of Fat
      Fries, and a chocolate shake. He pulls out the change in his pocket
      and Bob finds out that he only has $1.20. The entire meal costs

      What would you do in this situation? Turn away your only customer in
      the 11:00pm hour? Offer something that he can afford? Give it to him
      for $1.20 this time only?

      Bob, being a proud night manager, wants to satisfy his customer. He
      cannot give away the food cheaply because then the guy will return
      again, expecting another discount. So Bob decides to get creative.
      He goes around back and finds a dead squirrel on the pavement. He
      scrapes it up with a shovel and brings it inside, grills it up and
      gives it to the man.

      In this story, Bob sacrified quality to give the gentleman what he
      wanted for only $1.20.

      Its funny while it makes the point the story has never really done it
      for me. Does anyone have a better story that I share with a class I'm
      helping to teach next week.

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