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Re: Dealing with Bugs in Scrum

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    Ron, Thanks for the very thoughtful comments. I agree with almost everything you said. The reality of my situation is that I m a contractor 3 months into my
    Message 1 of 6 , Aug 28, 2008

      Thanks for the very thoughtful comments. I agree with almost
      everything you said. The reality of my situation is that I'm a
      contractor 3 months into my 6 month contract. My role on the team is
      just officially a Sr Dev, and the team lead is the head enforcer of
      the rules. We do 2 week sprints. I'm not really sure if the bugs are
      due to ages old legacy code or just sloppiness on our part in
      dev/testing. I suspect some of both. The unit testing thing started
      about a year or so ago, and the automated ui testing is just now
      starting, so that should help some. I think we do let small bugs
      slide from time to time, and that's a practice that should be stopped.
      I should also mention that some of the bugs are somewhat out of our
      control because they're developed by other subsystems here that we
      have no control over. I should also say that the comm between teams
      is pretty insufficient, and that's also starting to change as we
      realize in our retrospectives just how much time we spend chasing
      these things down.

      As I've done with many clients, I'm trying to take them step by step
      into a new process(which is NOT easy with Scrum). Note that that's
      not my role, but I've had a lot of clients who brought me in for A but
      got A + B. I'm lucky in this effort as I have one XP guy also driving
      the change, and the team lead is also on board and knowledgeable about
      Scrum for the most part -- he doesn't seem to be ready to go rigid
      Scrum, but he is open to transitioning there, as the that is the
      corporate "suggestion". I say "suggestion" because as we all know, if
      the org had bought Scrum hook line and sinker, these mid sprint
      priority changes wouldn't be happening. For now, it's just a strong
      suggestion, and nothing much more.

      Because we're going step by step, I'm choosing my battles and worrying
      about the big stuff first, then I hope to move us towards a more
      standard implementation of Scrum. It's so Chicken and Egg out there.

      The good news is people seem to be receiving things well so far.


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      > Hello, Chuck. My thoughts are going to lead me in a different
      > direction from the one you were expecting. I hope that won't be
      > entirely useless.
      > On Thursday, August 28, 2008, at 12:51:44 AM, you wrote, not in this
      > order:
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