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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: ScrumMaster.xla on mac excel?

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  • Stephen Haberman
    ... Good to ask questions. Here s hoping you get a better response rate than I just did (5 out of 674, less than 1%). Maybe people are too busy, not interested
    Message 1 of 9 , Mar 26, 2004
      On Fri, Mar 26, 2004 at 10:37:21PM -0000, jatsysinfife wrote:
      > Some important questions:

      Good to ask questions. Here's hoping you get a better response rate than
      I just did (5 out of 674, less than 1%). Maybe people are too busy, not
      interested in a new tool, or just didn't like my project/questionnaire.

      (Yes, that's a play for sympathy, feel sorry for me and go respond to my
      original questionnaire. It's attached below for convenience.)

      Although I must say to those few 5 who did respond, they were great; I
      didn't get quantity, but the qualitity was definitely good and I
      appreciate that.

      > o Is this going to be a tool for everyone interested in SCRUM or
      > restricted only for CSMs?

      Unless ADM either has control over the Scrum brand or funds development
      of the tool (drop me an email, Ken :-), I see no reason why it should
      only be for CSMs.

      > o Is it going to be free (OSS), shareware, etc?

      When I pitched my tool idea to Ken while at my CSM course, he mentioned
      that lots of people expect dev tools to be free now. Ant, Eclipse,
      XPlanner, etc. Though note that free != OSS (e.g. Java).

      As such, I think that if any tool wants to become "the" tool of the
      Scrum community, I think it has to be free in some shape or form (or
      else endorsed by ADM).

      In terms of my acadmic project, I plan to make it free, but I don't know
      if that means OSS. I have other employment opportunities set up, but I'd
      love to have a small training/setup/customization/support gig on the

      > o If a company charges a license fee for software it has developed for
      > SCRUM will any monies be due to APM for the use of the SCRUM brand.

      Dunno. Good question for Ken.

      > As an aside I was going to be starting a SCRUM tool, probably in .net
      > within the next few months. Mmmmm! Maybe worth considering learning
      > Java and doing it in that ;-).

      How about Python? It's cross platform and one of those dynamic languages
      that is popular nowadays. :-)

      - Stephen



      1. What are your needs for tracking your Scrum projects?

      2. How are these needs fulfilled by your current approach?

      3. Do you have any needs that are not met by your current approach? If
      so, please elaborate.

      4. What are some key features that would persuade you to use a new tool?

      5. Have you rejected other tools in the past? If so, why?

      6. Are there any specific customizations you've made to Scrum that you
      would like to see supported in a new tool?

      7. Would you be interested in offering feedback on beta releases of the
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