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[Fwd: VikiingPLoP 2004: Call for Papers]

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  • Linda Rising
    ... (Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this Call for Papers) VikingPLoP 2004 The Third Nordic Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs
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      (Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this Call for Papers)

                                      VikingPLoP 2004
                                The Third Nordic Conference
                              on Pattern Languages of Programs
                                   September 16-19, 2004
                                      Uppsala, Sweden


             Join the mailing list for updates! (daniel@...)

      Papers due                       May 31
      Shepherding starts               Jun 14
      Conference registration starts   Jul  1
      Shepherding ends                 Jul 30
      Notification of acceptance       Aug  6
      Conference drafts due            Aug 20
      Conference                       Sep 16-19

      Organizers:  Rebecca Rikner (rebecca.rikner@...)
                  Daniel May (daniel@...)

      VikingPLoP 2004 - Call for Contributions
      VikingPLoP is a conference in the tradition of the PLoP conferences
      (http://www.hillside.net/conferences/), which invite you
      to add your expertise to the growing body of patterns literature.

      These conferences follow a different format from conferences such as
      OOPSLA. The focus here is on learning, discussion and reflection, not on
      the presentation of finished or traditionally academic work. At a
      PLoP(tm) series conference, attendees review each other's material and
      help each other to refine their work, run workshops and engage in
      fruitful discussions.

      Against the scenic backdrop of the Nordic countries, VikingPLoP offers a
      variety of writers workshops for submitted pattern papers, focus groups and
      other activities. The conference provides participants with the opportunity to
      share their experience with patterns and software. As with the PLoP series of
      conferences, our overall goal is to build a community of people who
      want a better way to work.

      Writers' Workshops
      Writers' workshops are at the heart of the VikingPLoP programme. In these
      workshops we discuss pattern papers accepted for the conference. Pattern
      papers may consist of an individual pattern, a collection of related
      patterns or a whole pattern language.  For more about writers' workshops:

      Topics of Interest
      Historically, the patterns papers at PLoP conferences have focused
      on aspects of programs and their production. This includes aspects of
      software systems, such as programming, software architecture, analysis
      and data modeling, project management and education.

      Patterns might be so specific as to name particular objects,
      interface elements or implementation structures in a solution; or so
      general as to describe high-level architectures. They could describe
      configurations of hardware, software or even people. More recently,
      PLoP conferences have included papers on topics not related to
      programs. These papers are also also welcome.

      Your patterns need not cover original subject matter, but it is
      important that they describe mature knowledge based on experience.
      Patterns also work together with other patterns. We encourage the
      submission of small collections of patterns that build on each other
      and above all, we encourage the submission of patterns that tie into
      the existing body of published pattern literature.

      We especially welcome submissions from first-time authors. For
      examples of patterns from past years, browse the material at the
      Patterns Home Page (http://www.hillside.net/patterns/).

      Encourage your colleagues with useful ideas to submit drafts too,
      even if they have never written a pattern before. If they have the
      ideas, we can help them turn their knowledge into patterns.

      Send submissions to the organizers:

        Rebecca Rikner (rebecca.rikner@...)
        Daniel May (daniel@...)

      After submission, the paper will be selected for shepherding, a
      process of refining the work before the conference. Final acceptance
      depends on the results of shepherding.  Authors with papers that are
      accepted to the conference will be able to revise their patterns based
      on insights obtained during the conference's writers' workshops.

      We encourage you to join our mailing list for updates of what's
      happening in and around VikingPLoP 2004 :)  Vi ses i Uppsala!
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