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  • Alleman, Glen B.
    Damon, I can be reached directly at the email and phone numbers below Glen B. Alleman VP, Program Management Office CH2M HILL 303.966.5865
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 15, 2004
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      I can be reached directly at the email and phone numbers below


      Glen B. Alleman

      VP, Program Management Office

      CH2M HILL




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      I am very familiar with your work. Thank you for responding. In fact your use case book "Writing Effective Use Cases" is standard for our organization (as a directive I made as CTO). We have had great success with it so 'thank you'! I attribute your work to part of how we were named by Forrester as a 'top software firm'. See: http://www.monetaire.com/about/pr9222003.asp . We had less people, funding and resources then our competitors in many cases. Yet we demolished them (to be blunt <grin>). It was a combination of Agile methods, your Use Case method and our extensive 'Metrics' and 'Risk Management' focus (at least that is what I believe).


      Could I set up a conference call with Glen Alleman? There are still some issues I would respect his feedback on (as well as yours if you have the time to join).


      I can be reached globally on 1-917-517-4010.


      I am presenting at the 'Microsoft Financial Services Conference' (http://www.financialdevelopers.com/fsdevcon04.aspx) in April and I am consulting in CA for the next few weeks on .NET and XP, but I am free after that. I am based out of New York City.


      I am also looking for leaders in our field such as yourself to add to discussions via dial-in for Columbia Computer Science classes at the Master's level. Are you interested?



      Kind Regards,


      Damon Carr, CTO

      212.431.1122 x423
      212.965.0732 FAX


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      Subject: Re: [scrumdevelopment] RE: [XP-NewYorkCity] Agile Techniquies and Methods, 'R...

      There is nothing about using metrics and risk management that is against agile, in principle. The agile principles run orthogonal to those.

      Glen Alleman is probably the most versed I know in incorporating both of these in an agile project.





      In a message dated 3/14/2004 1:47:44 PM Mountain Standard Time, ken.schwaber@... writes:

      My company is working on an 'Agile' process document that is unique
      from any other 'line in the sand' methods I have seen (XP, Scrum,
      etc.). We are interjecting Metrics and Risk Management as core
      competencies and critical success factors in the process.

      So does that make this a 'non-Agile process'? Or just a modified
      Agile process? Have others done anything similar to what I am
      describing and I am just not educated on it? We are almost done and I
      am happy to post the results (in Word format) for this group if there
      is interest. It is called 'Masdev' (at least for now).
      Kind Regards,
      Damon W. Carr, CTO
      Master's Candidate in Computer Science
      Columbia University


      Alistair Cockburn
      President, Humans and Technology

      http://alistair.cockburn.us alistair.cockburn@...
      1814 E. Fort Douglas Circle, Salt Lake City, UT 84103
      Phone: 801.582-3162            Fax: 775.416.6457

      Author of
      "Surviving Object-Oriented Projects" (1998)
      "Writing Effective Use Cases" (Jolt Productivity Award 2001)
      "Agile Software Development" (Jolt Productivity Award 2002)

      "La perfection est atteinte non quand il ne reste rien a ajouter,
      mais quand il ne reste rien a enlever." (Saint-Exupery)

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