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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Performance testing and agile

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  • Chris Markiewicz
    Petri, Some of the bigger challenges with performance testing are just as you stated below. We want to measure performance over an 8 to 10 hour period on a 500
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      Some of the bigger challenges with performance testing are just as you stated below. We want to measure performance over an 8 to 10 hour period on a 500 user per JVM with 90% of the transactions 3 seconds or less. Challenge one need the appropriate hardware etc... Challenge two need appropriate team members to manage the scripts as we are constantly updating the product and breaking the scripts. Challenge three keeping this on all teams radar when we are being asked to include new funcitonallity each sprint.
      I agree it makes the most sense to test and address performance issues or concerns within the sprint, there really is no better time to do it. Historically within out organization performance testing has been done post GA of the product which makes no sense to me and it was done by the organizations Infrastructure group who is only tweeking app server configuration or network configuration to get as much out of the app as possible(way too late for any coding or architectual changes). 
      I am thinking we will just have to incorporate the performance script writers/testers and possibly infrastructure folks in our scrum teams and make sure we account for this work when estimating sprint capacity. We do view this different than our automated junits that run for every delivery. Performance testing includes seeing how the app runs under extended load, garbage collection, memory leaks etc... which may not show until you have pushed the app for an extended period.
      Thanks again for the comments,

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      > I am interested in how others handle performance testing/analysis
      from within their Agile/Scrum teams. Currently, we are trying to
      incorporate performance testing etc after each sprint, but I think it
      would be better if we are doing it within the sprint.
      > Since this is a different kind of testing from the unit and
      funcitonal testing already being done during the sprint, we are
      thinking this should be another scrum team that would take successful
      daily builds and verify the product is still meeting SLA. I am
      interested in how others handle this...

      As far as I understand these things, performance testing is to me just
      another type of functional test or acceptance test. A lot of classic
      "non-functional" requirements are really functional, i.e. the system
      has to function in a certain way, e.g. under load or in terms of
      operation speed.

      Thus the suggestion given to make a functional test of them sounds
      very valid.

      However, some special tests take long time to run. When they do, the
      team probably has to set up a separate environment in which to run the
      test, instead of integrating it into the normal automated continuous
      test runs. This is something the team has to consider and decide.


      Petri Heiramo
      Senior Process Improvement Manager, CSP
      Digia Plc., Finland

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