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RE: [scrumdevelopment] Techncial Topics During Retrospectives

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  • Robinson, Gregory (MED US)
    There is a yahoo group specifically for Retrospectives that Esther Derby moderates. You may get some more information there. To learn more about the
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 24, 2008
      There is a yahoo group specifically for Retrospectives that Esther Derby moderates.  You may get some more information there.
      To learn more about the retrospectives group, visit

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      I'll add to the previous thoughts that, as soon as the team decides that the technical approach isn't serving their purposes, they'll recommend another change. Go with it. Learn.

      On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 2:45 PM, Peter Stevens <peterstev@gmail. com> wrote:

      Hi Mike

      I would second Tobias' thoughts and add 'variety is the spice of life'. Any format gets boring after two or three repetitions, so it's important to try out new things. And as Tobias, if they come from the team,  so much the better!



      Tobias Mayer schrieb:

      Hi Mike,

      I believe that a good retrospective needs a strong 'by the team, for the team' flavor, so the fact you have team members who are wanting to drive the format to suit specific needs is great.  As a Scrum Master I would recommend you timebox the meeting to something less than 4 hours and ensure the agenda gets covered in that time. Keep it moving.

      I am not sure you have to continue with your original three questions, as you may find that the same discussion occurs with these new three questions.  Try it and see.

      Bottom line.  You are very lucky to be working on a team that is taking the initiative to improve in this way.  Run with it!


      --- On Mon, 6/16/08, myoungtai <myoungtai@yahoo. com> wrote:
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      Subject: [scrumdevelopment] Techncial Topics During Retrospectives
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      Date: Monday, June 16, 2008, 5:45 AM

      Hello Scrummers,

      I am a scrummaster and have been running sprints for a little over a
      year now. We have been pretty much running scrum out of the box with
      a few tweaks and our own interpretations, and so during our
      retrospectives we have used the standard three questions (What worked
      well, what needs improvement and what specific steps can we try to
      improve). We have two teams of ~5-7 people and hold our
      retrospectives together, which typically takes about 2 hours. Last
      week, one of the developers on our team proposed asking three
      different questions in order to focus more on the technical side of
      things than on the group dynamics side. He would like to go through
      each story pulled into the sprint and ask

      1. What was the problem?
      2. How did you figure out what the problem was?
      3. How did you solve it and what did you learn from it?

      I see the value for the developers to have a forum for technical
      interchange, and want to support the idea that scrum teams are
      self-directed. I am concerned about the additional meeting time
      required to ask/answer these questions in addition to the standard
      three questions (our dry-run showed they take ~1.5 hr each to get
      through). During the technical discussion, there were items that
      probably would have come out if we focused more on development
      practices, but it had a very distinct flavor from our previous
      retrospectives. I got very few new insights from the discussion since
      acting as scrummaster for both teams kept me updated on their progress
      daily through standups.

      My questions for this group are - has anyone considered or tried the
      more technically focused retrospective, and what do you think about
      this idea?

      mike y

      Peter Stevens, CSM
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      tel: +41 44 586 6450

      Jim Schiel
      CST, Danube Technologies
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