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RE: [scrumdevelopment] 3 Teams, Enterprise Application, Incomplete Sprints.

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  • Wolfgang Schulze Zachau
    Hi sfscrum, Is it always the same team that lags? Or is it a case of one team just arbitrarily pulling the short stick (i.e. they end up with the stories that
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      Hi sfscrum,
      Is it always the same team that lags? Or is it a case of one team just arbitrarily pulling the short stick (i.e. they end up with the stories that depend on all others to finish first)?
      You are correct in saying that permanent rotation of the team members is not a good idea. That is, unless they all know each other really well.
      I think it would be worth your while (or rather, the PO's while) to create a mechanism that allows you to highlight dependencies between stories, if this is such a big issue. You can then use this mechanism to make sure that in each sprint planning meeting you choose a set of stories with the least amount of dependencies. Seeing that you seem to have quite a big product backlog, that should be possible.
      Please also note my choice of words here: dependencies between stories. If you have dependencies between tasks belonging to different stories, then I would suggest that your stories could be either formulated better or they may need to be broken down.




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      Subject: [scrumdevelopment] 3 Teams, Enterprise Application, Incomplete Sprints.

      Greetings Everyone.

      I am currently discussing a particular challenge that a colleague of
      mine is having in managing a project with Scrum. While I have offered
      a few solutions, (shorter sprints, sprints with all 18 team members
      working together, smaller sprint backlog.) I thought it would be
      helpful to uncover a few other solutions by some folks who have
      extensive experience.

      Current State:

      •The company culture and its employees have adapted and embraced
      Scrum. The work environment also supports Scrum. The teams have been
      practicing Scrum for a little over a year.

      •The project is an enterprise level project. Three teams of 6 people
      are assigned full-time towards the development of the application.

      The Challenge:

      The central issue is that during some sprints 2 of the three teams
      are able to complete all of the work yet one team lags. (There are so
      many task dependencies during Sprints amongst the teams that this has
      become commonplace. ) While others will help this lagging team finish
      tasks to enable the group to complete a Sprint, this is effecting

      The teams have also rotated team members, between Sprints, but then
      this hinders the teams to become solidified over time because of the
      constant rotation of resources.
      (Or does the community believe this is a non-issue?)

      It is almost like the teams get 98% of the work done but have a
      challenge to "FINISH" the work to deliver the product at the end of
      the Sprint.

      As you may have anticipated, the team as a whole (18) have sometimes
      been unable to deliver potentially shippable product at the end of a


      What suggestions do you have, to avoid further failed Sprint Reviews?
      What can my colleague do to get that 2% completed?

      Thanks in advance for any and all advice!

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