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RE: [scrumdevelopment] manager's role in Scrum

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  • Roy Morien
    A good point made here, about getting a lot of credit for increased productivity and quality. It seemed to me for many years that IT managers got their jollies
    Message 1 of 12 , Jan 28, 2008
      A good point made here, about getting a lot of credit for increased productivity and quality.
      It seemed to me for many years that IT managers got their jollies by throwing their weight around and saying NO on a consistent basis to clients. Saying NO seemed to give them some sort of an authority and power thing.
      But I got my jollies by having clients specifically ask for me to assist in developing their systems, and having user area managers praise my efforts. I got a lot of satisfaction by making changes quickly to clients, and astonishing them and delighting them that their ideas and requests were implemented without an argument and without fuss. For some reason I found it much more fun, much more enjoyable, much more satisfying to have clients express happy thoughts about my efforts, rather than call me an uncooperative dickhead and despise me.
      I was always aware of, and hated it, the adversarial attitude between IT people and user folk. The IT people thought users were idiots "Oh My God, those idiots have just asked for another change ... Can't they make up their minds what they want?" and the view of IT people by users "God, what a shower of ignoramuses!!  They can't even make a small change to my system ... and they can't even speak English!!! Always some stupid jargon that normal people can't understand"
      That is why I am so enthusiastic about the agile approach ... client satisfaction, team confidence, IT-User cooperation and even genuine goodwill and liking. Not to mention success and use satisfaction with outcomes.
      Roy Morien

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      These are some really great points.  I went through that transition as well.  I don’t necessarily have any articles or books to add to the excellent lists already provided, but here are some thoughts that helped me get through the Big Transition:


      1.        Many dev managers started as programmers who moved to management at some point.  Some of the transition required at that time (less coding, giving the really sexy stuff to someone else) is similar in spirit to moving from traditional dev manager to Agile dev manager.

      2.       In my belief, the true reward of being a manager is in helping others succeed.  Agile is a great way to do that.  Being able to step aside and watch them grow and succeed is extremely cool.

      3.       Look into the concept of Servant Leadership.  Highly rewarding and it fits the new role of a manager in Scrum very well.  Your job is to remove obstacles.

      4.       On a selfish front, once you get into the new way, you will get a LOT of credit from the upper levels for the increased productivity and quality.

      5.       Be VERY CAREFUL about choosing to be a scrum master as well as manager.  I’ve done it both ways, and in retrospect I think I would have served my team better by having a separate scrum master. 









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      I know how he feels. I too am a dev manager who transfered from waterfall to scrum. Your dev manager should try to focus on what he can do and not what he no longer does. It is a change, but it could be the best change of his career. I took it as an oportunity to become the best manager I can be and focused really hard on helping my staff on their scrum teams. I read a few books too.

      The Corporate Culture Survival Guide
      The Wisdom of Teams: Creating the High-Performance Organization
      Maverick: The Success Story Behind the World's Most Unusual Workplace
      Implementing Lean Software Development: From Concept to Cash
      Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management

      Going to scrum is a change, but its not the end of the world. He can still be a scrum master. I actually think that all the definitions of scrum master are really just descriptions of a great leader.

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      This morning my dev. manager got back from CSM training all mopey.
      Although he really likes Scrum, he doesn't quite see his place/role in
      it (he doesn't believe he should be a ScrumMaster, and in that I agree
      with him). I'm trying to find a list of articles/blogs that deal with
      this issue. So far I've found two:

      http://jeffsutherla nd.com/scrum/ 2007/02/managers -role-in- scrum.html
      http://www.scrumall iance.org/ resources/ 293

      are there any others I should look at?




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