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A new book on the market ?

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  • Pierre Bourbonnais
    I think it will be a best seller among us :-)
    Message 1 of 39 , Feb 12, 2004
      I think it will be a best seller among us :-)
      Pierre Bourbonnais
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    • Ayerst, Tom
      I rather liked turning radius . If your headlights cannot illuminate that far out you either have to: a) get out the car and check whats ahead then drive
      Message 39 of 39 , Feb 16, 2004
        I rather liked "turning radius". 
        If your headlights cannot illuminate that far out you either have to:
        a) get out the car and check whats ahead then drive forward a little
        b) spend a lot of time backing up
        c) just drive blind and hope you don't crash
        Once your headlights get a bit more powerfull you can start driving all the time, albeit slowly.  As your headlights improve you can go faster, then the reaction time bit kicks in. 
        I think its an excellent analogy.
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        Steven Gordon wrote:

        > I've seen unagile processes where 6-month feedback
        > latencies were still faster than the developers
        > could make changes.

        > Traveling 70 MPH at night, I sure hope my headlights
        > illuminate farther than my rather small turning
        > radius.

        Strike "turning radius". One shouldn't use all of it
        at 70 MPH. Orthogonal iterations would ensue.

        A process becomes agile when the rate that feedback
        collects information about the current location
        exceeds the rate that developers change that position.

        This is like driving a car, at night, with headlights
        that can illuminate things farther away than the
        driver's reaction time.


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