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RE: [scrumdevelopment] Re: What constitutes a "task" in Scrum

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  • Mike Cohn
    I ve had good luck using XP s idea of user stories for my product backlog. User stories offer the advantage of being written to be much more tangible to the
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 26, 2004
      I've had good luck using XP's idea of "user stories" for my product backlog.
      User stories offer the advantage of being written to be much more tangible
      to the Product Owner. When stories are moved to the sprint backlog we create
      the appropriate tasks for them.

      For information on this approach see http://www.userstories.com/download.php
      and look at Chapter 15, "Using Stories with Scrum."


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      Yes this makes a lot of sense. Section 3.5.3 of the Schwaber and
      Beedle book explains this as well. Being new to Scrum, I think we are
      still a little tentative and was curious how granular other people
      were getting in Sprint task backlogs.

      Thanks for the confirmation.

      -- Victor

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      > The answer is: it depends.
      > For the Product Backlog, the granularity is low. Items on the
      > Backlog are usually Features or Abstract Ideas, and are estimated
      in #
      > of days.
      > For the Sprint Backlog, the granularity is higher. Items on the
      > Backlog are task-level, and are usually estimated in # of hours.
      > The second half of the Sprint planning meeting is where the team
      > at the high-level items from the Product Backlog, and creates the
      > Backlog items based on them. So 3 or 4 Product Backlog items may
      > 15 - 45 Sprint Backlog items, with more cropping up as the Sprint
      > Does that answer your question?
      > -Michael
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