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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Evaluating: How scrum fits our team ? Requesting Suggestions

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  • Sarat Kumar Swain
    Thank you Leonard for your answer. The manager is worried about the chaos that might happen in a global level sprint meeting. His points are, 1 Teams are
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 30, 2007
      Thank you Leonard for your answer. The manager is worried about the chaos that might happen in a global level sprint meeting.

      His points are, 

      1> Teams are working on different areas of the product and they are not concerned about the the tasks that doesn't belong to them(or they are not involved with). The sprint meeting would be boring , according to him, and is not useful.

      2> How much detail the backlog items should be  ? Other teams are not interested to know the detail level task planning. He is concerned.

      3> How much time do you spend on sprint meeting ? What is the cycle ?

      How do you approach these concerns ? I am looking forward to hear from you. It seems to me that I could use a lot from your experience.


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      Sarat Kumar Swain wrote:

      > Hello Friends,
      > We have a group of multi-location developers working on different
      > aspects of the product. We work closely and many a times we work on
      > same area. We have been evaluating scrum for a small group inside the
      > group for a while now and it works well. Now there are discussions to
      > move the whole group to scrum but we are not sure how to achieve it.
      > Details are below
      > Number of team members and location:
      > Maintenance
      > 3 - USA
      > 4 - France
      > 5 - India
      > Development - 1
      > 4 - France(1)
      > 5 - France(2)
      > 7 - France(3)
      > 5 - France(4)
      > 6- France(5)
      > 7 - India
      > As you can see there are total 9 teams. We would be interested to
      > apply a methodology that would at least address the followings :
      > 1> Inter-team collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing.
      > 2> Less meetings.
      > 3> Provide teams the visibility of the bigger picture without boring
      > him/her with details.
      > 4> Simplified process.
      > (We need it to convince the whole group about the merit of the process).
      > How can scrum fits , if so how we should proceed ?
      > Appreciate any suggestions, ideas. . . . .
      > Thank you
      > -Sarat K Swain
      Conventional wisdom is that you should have all team members in one
      place. All things being equal, this is a "good thing," but it is not
      always practical. Personally, I think it is more important to have the
      right people for the job than it is to have them in one location. We
      have been applying Scrum to distributed team for over 18 months. On our
      current team, no two people are located in the same place. We have
      people in several US locations as well as England, Italy, and Bulgaria.
      This creates challenges, at best, but Scrum actually helps quite a bit.
      It's pretty obvious that having everyone together on the phone for the
      Scrum makes the team members feel more in touch and engaged. It is
      essential to impose Scrum "disciplines" -- call starts on time and never
      takes over 15 minutes.

      Team participation in the planning process helps convey the overall
      picture, I think. Since we are spread across many time zones, we had to
      split the planning across two days. Part 1 which involves the Product
      Owner takes place in the morning (Eastern US time) of the first day. The
      team's detailed planning takes place on the morning of the next day.

      Scrum is certainly about simplified process. I think it was Ed Yourdon
      that said you should have just enough process and no more. I think Scrum
      hits the "sweet spot" in this regard.



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