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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Planning for my Sprint Planning Meeting: questions about this process

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  • George Dinwiddie
    Amol, Your approach sounds good to me. I ve made some more specific comments, below: ... How many items are you talking about? Since this is a rough
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 29, 2007

      Your approach sounds good to me. I've made some more specific comments,

      On Wed, August 29, 2007 11:16, Amol Karnik wrote:
      > I'd like to do some quick estimation using Planning Poker before the
      > meeting with the POs. So the steps i want to take are:
      > 1. Run a planning poker session and estimate "Story points" (ideal man
      > days) for all items in the PBL

      How many items are you talking about? Since this is a rough estimate, if
      you have too many items to estimate in a reasonable time, you might find
      it useful to paperclip related items for a combined estimate. You can
      then reestimate these individually when they get near the top of the PBL.

      > 2. Have a meeting with the POs after that, and let them assign
      > "importance values" to the items (i like Henrik's ideas here). PO can
      > see the estimates and decide accordingly.

      In other words, help the POs order the PBL with some knowledge of the
      cost. This is very good.

      > 3. At this meeting with the POs we can clarify the "Scope" of items in
      > th PBL, and restimate if required. We can break down the stories further
      > if required.

      Yes, also very good. You may find that when you split stories, the new,
      smaller stories may get prioritized very differently.

      > 4. After this meeting, we will have a Sprint Planning meeting with just
      > the team, where we will do a breakdown of the PBL and add "more
      > accurate" estimates to the PBL, and split the work up into Sprints, to
      > figure out how long we need to go for the release.

      If you're thinking of doing these more accurate estimates for the entire
      PBL, I think that's probably too big a step. I would try to estimate, in
      the PBL planning meeting, what will fit into the Sprint (or the next
      interim release). Be wary of trying to do detailed planning very far into
      the future.

      > I've also read
      > Henrik Kniberg's book and Mike Cohn Estimation book is on order., as
      > well as reading blogs and articles by various members on this list.

      You might also find "Planning Extreme Programming" useful to give more
      perspective on this topic. I don't think you'll have trouble relating the
      XP Planning game to your current/proposed Scrum process. I'm pretty sure
      (it's been some years since I read it) that it goes into the concepts that
      choosing priority requires some estimation of the cost.

      > Problem: Our POs do not maintain the Product Backlog.

      I understand that you're maintaining the PBL as proxy for the POs. Do
      your POs, however, come to an agreement about the priorities? Or do they
      have individual priorities and push the conflict resolution down to the
      development team?

      > They also never believe any estimates that we give them.

      Do they not have a good view of the progress of past Sprints? Or do they
      believe that if they apply more pressure, the team can produce more work?

      - George

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