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ADC2004 Call for Proposals

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  • rachelclairedavies
    Call For Participation Agile Development Conference 2004 June 23-26 Salt Lake City, Utah USA http://www.agiledevelopmentconference.com/index.html The Agile
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      Call For Participation Agile Development Conference 2004 June 23-26
      Salt Lake City, Utah USA


      The Agile Development Conference is an integrated, 4-day conversation
      about techniques and technologies, attitudes and policies, research
      and experience, and the management and development sides of agile
      software development. The Agile approach focuses on the early
      business value and the ability to respond to changing requirements
      the lifetime of a project. It accentuates the use of rich, informal
      communication channels, frequent delivery of running, tested
      and careful attention to the human component of software development.

      The Agile Development Conference gives attendees access to the
      latest thinking in the discipline. The event brings together the
      communities in software development to exchange ideas and
      researchers, executives, managers, developers, testers, and

      The Agile Development Conference is not about a single methodology
      or approach, but rather provides a forum for agile development

      Some quotes from last year

      "This conference had the highest proportion of people I wanted to
      with of any conference I have been to." - Brian Marick

      "This conference exceeded my expectations. I met far more intriguing,
      insightful and worth keeping in touch with people at this conference
      than any conference I have been to in a long time." - Kevin Tate

      "People are so welcoming. You don't have to feel stupid. There is an
      emphasis on the human side of technology." - Mary Lynn Manns

      We invite you to share your knowledge and experience via the
      submission of:


      Tutorials are an independent instruction on a self-contained topic of
      relevance to conference attendees. We encourage tutorial proposals
      provide clear utility to practitioners, especially innovative
      which depart from lecture style delivery, and tutorials on highly
      topics in agile processes. It is important in the tutorials track to
      sessions that appeal to the various job roles present at the
      conference and
      ensure balanced coverage of agile techniques.

      Peer to Peer
      Peer to Peer sessions are designed for attendees to pool their
      experience and learn from each other. We have some established
      but we also welcome new formats to enourage communication within a
      group. Peer to Peer sessions should include learning, participation,
      concrete outcomes, and (not least) fun. Session leaders should
      provide an
      understanding of the topic and a structure to help the participants
      from each other.

      Experience Reports

      Experience reports contain first-hand information and reflection: "We
      saw this, did that, and consider this-and-that about our
      Experience reports serve two purposes: as raw data for researchers,
      as an exchange vehicle for practitioners. We are particularly
      in techniques you have employed to push the envelope of current agile

      Research Papers

      Research Papers present significant contributions to the field of
      software development, advancing the state of the art, influencing the
      framework of thought in the field, or, perhaps, criticizing current
      agile development methodologies in a reasoned fashion.

      Key Dates:

      Tutorials Proposals due January 5
      Peer to Peer proposals due January 12
      Research Papers Proposals due January 31
      Experience Reports proposals due February 15
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