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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Acceptance Criteria for User Stories

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  • deepinder singh
    Thanks Alex this was really helpful :) Alexey Krivitsky wrote: Hi , Though Michael already
    Message 1 of 19 , Aug 22, 2007
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      Thanks Alex this was really helpful :)

      Alexey Krivitsky <alexeykrivitsky@...> wrote:
      Hi ,

      Though Michael already provided the right answers, I'd like to stress on it again.

      (may sound hard, but try accepting with a smile)

      1. Don't try to turn your process into waterfall by defining the stages, planned reviews and other formalities. .
      It is the oily way.

      Instead: let everyone understand the usefulness of the acceptance criteria in user stories and
      encourage people updating it to keep good enough and inlined with the recent decisions made.
      It is OK if the criteria changes over time, even though it was discussed with your customers.
      There was probably a good reason to change it.

      2. Don't rely on written documentation.
      Don't treat your written and accepted by customer criteria as contracts.
      It will under-optimize the process and instead of gaining quality you can lose it.

      Instead: make sure your team (dev+QA) frequently talks to your customers
      while doing (implementing+ testing) the stories to make sure everyone shares the same understanding of the stories.

      3. Try to automate your acceptance tests.
      Automation is almost always the right thing to start doing.
      Explain the benefits to the team and let them figure out the ways to do that.
      Make sure the customers also see the benefit and agree to invest into automation for it requires *a lot* lot of time and effort.

      4. Step out from the process as much as you can and let your team figure out the effective ways to work.
      They can do it.

      5. Facilitate the team to retrospect and make the process and self-corrections.

      Have fun!
      // Alexey

      On 8/18/07, deepinder singh < deepindersingh_ leo@yahoo. com> wrote:

      We couldn't do anything efficiently on User Acceptance Criteria for particular User Story and the problem is -

      There are new features added into the existing product and for that Development team is having User Stories and Tasks. Now every User Story should have Acceptance Criteria and as of now it is written by Development Team and QA team reviews it. This is the process carried in Excel Sheet and not through any tool. We do use XPlanner for tracking User Story completion but acceptance criteria is updated in XPlanner only once i.e. when Dev and QA team are sure that there won't be any more change in acceptance criteria. This is done by PM.

      What is the best way to write acceptance criteria? Dev to write --> QA to review and then if need other Stakholders can also review?

      Who all can update XPlanner? I know there is no restriction on Xplanner for premissions but in my organization this is owned by PM.

      Does anyone has best practise to work with User Acceptance Criteria with XPlanner or any other tool?

      Thanks in advance!

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