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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Why maintain two sprint backlogs?

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  • Henrik Kniberg
    OK, thanks for sharing this info. Glad to hear that you are satisfied with your process. /Henrik ... -- Henrik Kniberg http://www.crisp.se +46 (0)70 492 5284
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 21, 2007
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      OK, thanks for sharing this info. Glad to hear that you are satisfied with your process.


      On 8/21/07, Emiliano Heyns < Emiliano.Heyns@...> wrote:

      On 8/21/07, Henrik Kniberg <h@...> wrote:

      > I use the excel sheet to chart the burndown to keep the POs involved.
      > The Team hardly ever looks at the Excel sheets, and the POs hardly
      > ever come over to look at the cards. I keep them synched,

      That's the explanation I've heard most often. Have you considered
      ditching excel and just manually adding the task estimates and
      plotting a point on the burndown chart on the wall? Seems simpler and
      faster to me.

      Different strokes for different folks, I suppose. I have a standard Excel sheet I use for the burndown, drawing points and lines would take me more time tham adding a few numbers and hitting print.

      What information do you include in the excel that you send to the PO
      today? Just the burndown, or all the tasks & stories as well?

      Stories, tasks and burndown.

      Is the PO far away? If so, doesn't he like to come by and visit the
      daily Scrum once in a while?

      They (as the case happens to be for us) are, and they do occasionally. They still appreciate the Excel sheet. If that's what they prefer I see no issue in making it available. We may have wildly different things in mind, though; I spent some 15 minutes at the start of the sprint copy-pasting into the excel sheet and setting up the graph, and a few minutes, tops, for the daily update.

      I've found that having the taskboard & burndown on the wall (and only
      on the wall) makes the PO more likely to come visit, which is positive
      in itself.

      That is true.

      If he receives this stuff electronically he is viewing it
      out of context (i.e. without the team's presence) and is more likely
      to draw incorrect conclusions.

      I talk to the POs at least once every two days; one of them at least once a day. We haven't had any problems of the burndown being taken out of context. Maybe we're lucky, but our POs regard the running of the sprint to be mainly our own business, and are content to wait for the review to see the results. Doesn't mean that they're disinterested, just that they trust us to do the right things and that we'll let them know when things go less well than desired.

      We've had a few sprints where the burndown was above the ideal pretty much from the get-go (one of which was aborted), but again, we've had no problems with the POs over this. Communication is key here. The POs are both very pleased AAMOF.


      Henrik Kniberg
      +46 (0)70 492 5284
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