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RE: [scrumdevelopment] Estimation: Time or Size?

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  • Mike Dwyer
    Tobias While not using ‘real time’ I have shifted over to estimates based on ‘cycle time’ combined with planning poker for dummies. Cycle time the
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      While not using ‘real time’  I have shifted over to estimates based on ‘cycle time’ combined with planning poker for dummies.


      Cycle time the amount of clock hours (all 24 btw) you use from the time you start the task to the time you are ready to start the next task.  Meetings, lunch, talking with your friends all count in the time frame as does sleeping and eating too.  I really don’t care I just want to know “when you are going to be ready to start the next task”.


      Planning poker for dummies.   

      Three sizes to choose for a task to fit in.   Big,  medium, Small.    Big takes up a lot of time, medium takes some time, and small a short time.


      Process.   All team members listen to the description and engage in the planning.  Then when a task is to be estimated everyone puts their favorite hand behind their back an puts up 1, 2 or 3 fingers.   I then say something cool like “1, 2, 3, show your hand”.  The digits reveal the range of estimates,  and then we ask all the 1’s what their cycle time estimate is, the 2’s and the 3’s.  Within a couple of tasks the team gets a pretty good idea what everybody sees their peers time and size frame of reference is and can start to inspect and adapt what they are doing.


      Result.  Most people laugh at the idea of playing “paper, scissors, rock” or whatever finger game they think of but pretty soon they stop playing and just get down to making good consensus building estimates.


      Michael F. Dwyer


      "Planning constantly peers into the future for indications as to where a solution may emerge."

      "A Plan is a complex situation, adapting to an emerging solution." 

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      I have recently come across a few people in the Agile field who prefer estimating in “real time” over estimating in size (e.g. story points); I have even heard statements such as: the most advanced implementations of Agile use real time estimates, because it offers the most powerful benefits.

      It intrigued me, so I wrote a blog about it: Estimation: Time or Size?


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