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Re: Variations on burndown chart?

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  • Michael James
    ... The story _Catch 22_ has a character who s preoccupied with pilots making tighter bomb clusters for nice photographs even though this completely
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 28, 2007
      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "sangel_or" <skip.angel@...> wrote:
      > --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "Mark Levison" <mlevison@> wrote:
      > > Is that useful? Do you want to have a better sense of when the product will
      > > release? Or is your goal to improve your estimation ability?
      > The latter.

      The story _Catch 22_ has a character who's preoccupied with pilots making "tighter bomb
      clusters" for nice photographs even though this completely irrelevant (and if anything,
      detrimental) to the mission objectives.

      With enough effort I'm sure it's possible to make task-level estimates more closely
      resemble actuals for similar types of work. I've never seen anyone get that good at it, but
      I'm sure someone out there is good at it, or good at appearing to be good at it.

      It's a moot point because in Agile we use a more useful (and self-correcting) measurement
      to inform our release planning: Velocity.

      Velocity (in Agile/Scrum) is how much potentially-shippable product actually got built
      each Sprint. Measuring actual velocity in relative story points completed per Sprint
      ("yesterday's weather") automatically corrects for any tendency to overestimate or

      Focusing down at the task level (micromeasurement) is an attempt to measure individual
      performance, while in Scrum we're more interested in team performance on whole units of
      product (Product Backlog Items) that are potentially shippable (coded/tested/validated).
      This tells us much more about when we can expect to ship a given set of features, or how
      many features we can expect to ship in a given amount of time.

      More about this here:
      http://tinyurl.com/yxwjkc ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/scrumdevelopment/files/
      MacroMeasurementWhitepaper.pdf )

      Also see Mike Cohn's book _Agile Estimating and Planning_.

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