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Re: [scrumdevelopment] agile software development is #18

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  • Xavier Quesada Allue
    Something even *more* interesting: The 17 people, products, trends and ideas above Agile are all people except Private Equity (ranked #3 after the Google
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 28, 2007
      Something even *more* interesting: The 17 "people, products, trends and ideas" above Agile are all "people" except Private Equity (ranked #3 after the Google guys and Steve Jobs). All the rest are successful CEO's et al. So this makes Agile the number 2 product, trend or idea on the list.


      On 6/27/07, Mike Cohn <mike@...> wrote:

      I found this interesting. CNN has a list of 50 "people, products, trends, and ideas that are transforming the world of business."  Agile Software Development is #18 on the list. Here's a link to it:


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