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Agile Alliance Board of Directors

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  • Angela Martin
    Hi, As another member of the nominating committee, I thought it would be good to cross-post our call for nominations here, hope that is ok. Cheers, Angela ...
    Message 1 of 1 , May 10, 2007

      As another member of the nominating committee, I thought it would be good to cross-post our call for nominations here, hope that is ok.


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      From: Ron Jeffries <ronjeffries@...>
      Date: 09-May-2007 14:44
      Subject: [XP] Agile Alliance Board of Directors
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      Please give this message all due publication. In particular, I'd
      appreciate it if someone would send it to the Scrum list. ;->

      The nominating committee of the board of the Agile Alliance is about
      to publish its list of nominees for the board. I'm not at liberty to
      say who they are yet but in fact it is a good list -- the best we
      could come up with.

      This year we will NOT be presenting a standard slate for you to vote
      up or down. That approach didn't feel very democratic to the
      committee. In addition, we would like to open the "floor" for
      nominations, from now right up until the election at the conference.
      The Alliance will make a space available for all candidates to post
      position statements and so on. We think we have some good nominees,
      but we don't have a corner on that market.

      What follow now are thoughts from me, not from the board. I'd like
      to talk about what kind of people I would like to see join the

      It seems to me that the board, and the Alliance, have become very
      conservative. We don't have many bold programs, we aren't trying
      radical new things. We are apparently tilling the soil to permit
      the planting of very small "agile" seeds, rather than setting up
      to change the world.

      I'm not satisfied with that: I would like for "Agile" to change
      the world just a bit more. Some energetic new board members could
      help with that.

      So I'm hoping some people who would like to change the world will
      nominate themselves and run. But even if what you want to do is
      smooth the world out, and you're interested, go for it!

      If you would like to run for the board, please send an email to
      nominations@... . If you would like to nominate
      someone else, feel free to do so. It would probably be polite to
      check with them first.

      The "official" blurb is below. I'll see you at the other end.

      ------------ official blurb ---------------
      Agile Alliance Board of Directors Nominations

      We are also looks for suggestions of people who would make good
      candidates for the directors of the Agile Alliance. Please use the
      following criteria when thinking of appropriate people:

      a. Person might be willing to accept board office role in future
      (treasurer, secretary, chair)

      b. Person is willing to participate in meetings, is likely to make a
      commitment to attend 75% of monthly board meetings, and has a
      history of follow-through on commitments

      c. Person has passion around doing something to forward Agile
      methods and/or the Agile Alliance and would be willing to champion a
      specific initiative

      d. Person works well as part of a group - collaborative, good Agile

      e. Person has some name recognition and/or standing in the Agile
      community authors, speakers, active on listservs in a positive way,

      Please send your nominations to nominations@...

      ------------ end official blurb ---------------

      The list of guidelines above is a good one. It isn't necessary for
      the nominee to be well known, but of course it'll be easier to get
      votes if they are.

      Interested? Step up!

      Ron Jeffries
      The work teaches us. -- Richard Gabriel

      Angela Martin
      Aha! Facilitator

      Martin IT Consulting
      p : +44 7717 653 971
      e : angela@...
      w : http://www.martinitconsulting.com
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