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RE: [scrumdevelopment] New Article by Ken

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  • Cook Linda
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      The new STQE magazine came in the mail and I just read it this morning. There’s a new article in it by Ken called “What’s Different about Agile Management?” It’s a great and very well-written article on the role of management in agile development.


      If you aren’t familiar with STQE magazine, you should really check it out (www.stqemagazine.com).  It’s become one of the premier magazines on development and has broadened beyond its originally testing roots. Probably because of that they’re changing names to “Better Software” at the start of the year. It is also a frequent source of articles of interest to agile developers. This issue, for example, includes other agile-related articles such as an experience report on posting progress and status information on a wall and an article by Micah Martin on FitNesse, the great testing tool.



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