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Trying to get the ball rolling - thoughts?

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  • barvybe
    Hi all, Just joined the group (Hello!). I m the person ultimately responsible for all the products and content my company creates. While we ve been very
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2007
      Hi all,
      Just joined the group (Hello!). I'm the person ultimately responsible
      for all the products and content my company creates. While we've been
      very productive, we've had little or no mechanism in place for:

      - managing / prioritizing the pipeline
      - seeing status on projects, cross projects, or across the organization
      - assessing ROI (or even project cost)
      - aggregating all the information from a project to have a proper
      closeout session.

      In part, this has been due to organic growth from a 3 person company
      to over 20 (so still small). In part, this is due to a widely
      distributed team (including 12 hour time differences) with much of the
      development work (coding) being done by an overseas partner.

      Our success has been based on good people, dedication, and good
      vision. Now things are getting more complicated and we have high need
      for top in visibility and recalibrating priorities as we go.

      I've been doing quite a bit of reading here and other places, and am
      working hard to more the CEO / COO's expectations from fully defined
      requirements to iterative, collaborative planning. Luckily, we are
      historically bad at full upfront requirements and priorities change
      all the time, so the concept will be easy.


      Planning - i'm looking at www.cardmeeting.com for kickoff planning
      since we're too distributed to use a white board. Then the project
      lead will need to move this info into some sort of tool...and that's
      my real question.

      Looking at VersionOne, Scrumworks Pro, and RallyDev. Our company is a
      HEAVY salesforce user - SF actually contains all of our product codes
      and associations of clients to them as well as incoming feature
      requests. So, some of my goals include:

      1. feature capture into an unprioritized, open backlog from many sources.
      2. association back up from iteration and release planning to these
      feature requests as well as back to clients through product code /
      client code association in SF (this way our business side knows whom
      to communicate with about any feature / bug, etc.)
      3. good graphical reporting for the business users
      4. good issue / impediment tracking since these are often found "off
      hours" by the developers or clients / testers

      Currently leaning away from Rally as its quite pricey and their SF
      integration component doesn't seem to meet our workflow well.

      My goal will be to start with an "offline" workflow using very simple
      tools (spreadsheets, etc.), and then move into a good web-based
      collaboration product. I'd like to identify the right product up
      front if possible so that we can institute the terminology for it now
      as well as be sure that the data we create in the simple tools will
      fit nicely into the product structure.

      Any thoughts are greatly appreciated - as well as questions that
      perhaps i should be considering and haven't through of.

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