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Re: [scrumdevelopment] Ratio between ideal hours and working hours

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  • Nicholas Cancelliere
    If the team is working 8 hrs days (typical 9a to 5p type of hours) -- then I would go with 5 or 6 hours as an ideal day. Given e-mails, distractions, and
    Message 1 of 12 , Mar 28, 2007
      If the team is working 8 hrs days (typical 9a to 5p type of hours) -- then I would go with 5 or 6 hours as an "ideal day."  Given e-mails, distractions, and other influences -- that's on average how many productive hours you'll get in a given day.  That's pretty much the average I've experienced in my career (waterfall or agile).
      After you complete your sprints you want to start to look at the actual velocity of the team, and start using that for planning and not so much the "ideal day."

      On 3/26/07, sommer_benjamin <benjamin.sommer@...> wrote:

      In our project we use ideal hours to estimate. I am curious about your
      experience with the ratio between ideal hours and working hours. I
      understand that contextual charactertisitcs will impact the ratio, but
      to do a bit of benchmarking I would like to know what ratio good
      performing teams have. Appreciate all feedback :)

      Nicholas Cancelliere, Austin TX
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