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  • Simon Coles
    ... its ... I am not sure this is correct. The PMPs I know certainly believe general management practice to be critical to the project management
    Message 1 of 19 , Oct 21, 2003
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      > Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 00:32:26 -0600
      > From: Daniel Gackle <gackle@...>
      > Subject: RE: PMI and SCRUM
      > > PMI specifically states that general management practice is outside of
      > > scope, and so, unfortunately, the vast body of knowledge of what
      > constitutes
      > > 'good' management is considered outside the scope of PMI.
      > I find this astonishing.
      > Does anyone else find this astonishing?
      > - Daniel

      I am not sure this is correct. The PMPs I know certainly believe general
      management practice to be critical to the 'project management profession'.
      I think the statement above is actually about the PMIs 'Project Management
      Body of Knowledge' document, and may refer to an older version of the PMBOK.
      The PMBOK is an attempt to codify how projects are commonly done across a
      broad range of industries.

      The 2000 edition of the PMBOK says:
      "General Management encompasses planning, organising, staffing, executing,
      and controlling the operations of an ongoing enterprise. General management
      also includes supporting disciplines such as law, strategic planning,
      logistics, and human resource management. The PMBOK overlaps or modifies
      general management in many areas [...] Section 2.4 provides a more detailed
      discussion of general management."

      It's also worth noting the introduction to the PMI's PMBOK says:
      "Project Management is an emerging profession. The primary purpose of this
      document is to identify and describe that subset of the PMBOK that is
      generally accepted. Generally accepted means that the knowledge and
      practices described are applicable to most projects most of the time and
      that there is widespread consensus about their value and usefulness.
      Generally accepted does not mean that the knowledge and practices described
      are or should be applied uniformly on all projects."

      What I take from this is:

      - The PMI have attempted to codify how most projects are generally run.
      That's a worthwhile activity, IMO

      - Most people think it's an appropriate way of running projects.
      Well, we already know most people do projects this way, right?
      For our domain (software development), we think we have at least one
      better way of approaching the problem.
      I have know idea whether the approach captured in the PMBOK is
      appropriate to other
      domains or not.

      - The PMI are NOT holding up the PMBOK as the sole right answer to project

      (stepping off my soap-box)
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