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Re: Experience with Rallydev's SLM tools?

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  • Aldo Cauchi Savona
    When I hear things like reading [notecards] from across the room is difficult used to justify computer-based tools, I hear alarm bells. It is my opinion that
    Message 1 of 37 , Mar 2, 2007

      When I hear things like "reading [notecards] from across the room is
      difficult" used to justify computer-based tools, I hear alarm bells.


      It is my opinion that the tools should be there to support communication. The 1st point of the Agile manifesto is:


      Individuals and interactions over processes and tools


      Thus if you need long distance communication then, online/collaborative tools are required. For local office environment communication, it is up to the PM or SM (or whoever maintains the team) to make sure that the technology does not reduce, but rather, improve communication.


      Aldo Cauchi Savona

      Scrum Master 

      Uniblue Systems Ltd.




    • Ron Jeffries
      ... I don t. :) ... Yes ... ... I wouldn t presume to know that. I ll comment. ... Why do you do these things? Who uses them, and how? Would you use them if
      Message 37 of 37 , Mar 8, 2007
        Hello, Eb. On Sunday, March 4, 2007, at 9:47:22 AM, you wrote:

        > What can I say - I agree with pretty much everything you've said.

        I don't. :)

        > I totally get George's angle that tools can breed isolation and
        > complacency, in any environment too - and that its hard to resist
        > allure of "well I sent you a mail - why don't you understand". I
        > appreciate that you are advocating best practice in the tools and
        > methods that people use.

        Yes ...

        > So let me reconfig the whole thing into a question, I'll describe my
        > environment and everyone can tell me how to make it best practice?

        I wouldn't presume to know that. I'll comment.

        > We have a team of 5 - plus a scrum master - plus a product owner(me
        > for a certain stream) - One of the team (actually the longest serving
        > member) moved out of London several years ago and it was agreed by
        > previous mgmt that she would work from home 4 days and come into the
        > office for one.

        > We scrum every day (one by skype conf) we use campfire to record the
        > 'what I did and what I'll do' for each team member. We use del.icio.us
        > for anything interesting we find online. Sometimes we use cardmeeting.com

        Why do you do these things? Who uses them, and how? Would you use
        them if you didn't have the out of town person?

        > We used only cards and whiteboard for about 6 months. With excel for
        > burndown. We now use cards for sprint planning and collecting stories,
        > and record them in Scrumworks. The team in the office sit in a row of
        > two deep facing each other in an open plan office (tried to change
        > that).

        I wouldn't, at least not much. Open office is usually more

        > We use a wiki to record retrospectives, team working practice,
        > ideas etc.

        Does anyone read it? Why? No, seriously. You're in the same room.

        > We dont pair yet - tho we are about to start. We do CI as
        > much as possible and follow TDD as much as possible and push for more.

        As much as possible meaning ... as much as we currently do?

        > We estimate in story points. Sprint is planned based on task time and
        > the ammount of time the team has avail. The team are expected to have
        > 5 hrs coding time a day. Oh and we use SVN for source and Mantis for
        > bug tracking tho largely we've been pretty clean so far...fingers crossed.

        > Is this a good/bad balance of paper and computer? What would you try
        > to change/introduce?

        I really don't know ... I'd have to watch you. Are you happy with
        what you're getting? How could results be better for you?

        Ron Jeffries
        Get over it. -- The Eagles
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