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RE: [scrumdevelopment] Comments on the list 29 Nov

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  • Jonas Bengtsson
    Hello, Has this Backlog management system been completed? Is it available somewhere? Thanks in advance, Jonas
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 31, 2002
      Has this Backlog management system been completed? Is it available

      Thanks in advance,

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      > Subject: [scrumdevelopment] Comments on the list 29 Nov
      > Here are a couple of comments on issues raised on the list yesterday:
      > 1. SCRUM works for any type of project. It was originally designed for
      > product development companies with 100s or 1000s of customers.
      > 2. We are evolving the Backlog management at PatientKeeper and have now
      > thoroughly integrated it with GNATS which we are using for bug tracking.
      > Whether it is a bug or a development task, it is backlog. Our
      > configuration
      > management system is driven by the numbers for items in GNATS. A
      > development
      > can update his backlog in less than 60 seconds a day by entering only two
      > items for active tasks, days invested, and days estimated to completion. A
      > simple algorithm automatically inflates as estimate on a task that is
      > dragging out.
      > 3. Sprints are monthly deliveries of new products to real
      > customers. We have
      > multiple projects and multiple sprints going on simultaneously.
      > We identify
      > a Milestone which identifies a deliverable sprint package. All required
      > items are given HIGH priority if they need delivery in the sprint. The
      > development team can completely set up a new sprint in less than a day. We
      > use the neural net of a team of expert developers so they lay out
      > the tasks
      > themselves to hit the objective to tee up the sprint. In the
      > daily SCRUM the
      > product manager and development manager tweak the efforts by adding,
      > removing, or altering tasks in the backlog.
      > 4. The goal is 1 minute of overhead per day per developer for project
      > management and 10 minutes a day for the project leader to adminstrate the
      > project. Everything else is the normal interactions and coding required to
      > deliver product.
      > We intend to deliver this backlog package into the GNATS open source
      > community so anyone can use it. Meanwhile if you have any
      > interest, post or
      > email comments.
      > Jeff Sutherland
      > Chief Technology Officer
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