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RE: [scrumdevelopment] Re: Scrum Master Training

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  • Basharat Wani
    Hey Jay Thanks for the elaborate reply. Also Thanks to Hubert. Regards Basharat ________________________________ From: scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 29, 2007
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      Hey Jay
      Thanks for the elaborate reply.
      Also Thanks to Hubert.

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      Hello Basharat,

      To add to Hubert's response...

      There are many trainers with quite a variation in styles.

      If you have the time and opportunity, I'd recommend you talk to people
      who are like you in style and have attended the Agile/Scrum events so
      they can offer first-hand opinions on the various trainers.

      Personally, I prefer people who understand the human dynamics that
      explain why the recommneded principles and practices work. I also
      look for those who are familiar with the principles of Lean ala the
      Poppendiecks and XP best practices for engineering discipline.

      You can learn more about people by reading their postings in various
      Yahoo groups including this one, AgileManagement,
      AgileProjectManagem ent and LeanDevelopment. Mishkin Berteig has his
      Agile Advice site and there are others.

      I realize that this may take some time, but a quick scan may be
      helpful. I find some respondents are clear thinking and make an
      effort to be helpful. Others are fuzzy thinking and some offer only
      small remarks with little generosity of helpfulness.

      Jeff Sutherland I find uniquely insightful if you are interested in
      the most sophisticated practical evolution of Scrum with a historical
      and accademic insight as well. He is the co-founder of Scrum with Ken
      Schwaber. He has the most noteworthy track record for hands-on
      leadership of companies to super productivity. But this may not be a
      fit for your needs.

      Mike Cohn, who Hubert recommended, has done the most to publish
      detailed practices in his two book that you probably are familiar
      with. A friend once quiped, "Ken is the Tao of Scrum and Mike is the
      How of Scrum". This is not to say that there are not a bunch of good
      trainers who present both including Hubert.

      Another dimension is what happens after the certification class. Do
      you want to have an on-site coach to coach a team through habit change
      or are you looking for just an introductory course with no particular
      ongoing support? Are you already working with knowledgeable people
      who can provide you with local support as you apply Scrum?

      You can see my bias in this answer. You deserve to choose who fits
      your needs.



      --- In scrumdevelopment@ yahoogroups. com, "Basharat Wani" <bbw@...> wrote:

      > Hello All,
      > I am planning to attend Scrum Master Training in coming weeks, I
      > based in New York.
      > Does anybody recommend any place based on
      some positive feedback
      > regarding the Training.
      > I am also willing
      to travel for the same .
      > Any info will be appreciated.
      > Regards
      > Basharat

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