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RE: [scrumdevelopment] Multiple Customers in one Sprint - questions

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  • Mike Beedle
    Deb: I take it that there are shared stories in your Scrum implementation? It is tricky, but possible to satisfy multiple projects/clients that have Shared
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 9, 2003

      I take it that there are "shared stories" in your Scrum implementation?

      It is tricky, but possible to satisfy multiple projects/clients that
      have Shared Backlog.

      (Chapter 7. in the Scrum book talks about handling multiple concurrent
      projects/clients, btw.)

      Here are some of the tricks we use:

      note: "backlog" below means both product and sprint backlogs

      - make all project Sprints coincide in time
      - Shared Backlog is any stories/tasks that affect 2 or more projects
      - Global Backlog is all stories/tasks for all projects
      - Project Backlogs are views of the Global Backlog
      that contain the project-specific backlog + the shared backlog
      relevant to that project
      - each project runs Scrum on their project backlog(s)
      - Demos for projects only include features that are in effect for
      that project/client
      - a "Scrum of Scrums" is held to manage the "shared backlog"
      - a shared services team is necessary when the contributions
      of the independent projects are owned by a central group
      - any changes on Shared Backlog items triggers global testing

      Here are some examples of some of our clients/companies where these
      techniques have been applied successfuly:

      Mercer 1996
      Nike Securities 1997/1998
      Northwest Bank 1999
      Lincoln Re. 1999
      Caremark 2000-date
      Hipaa Accelerator 2001-date

      More info on this at:

      - Mike

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      From: Deb [mailto:deborah@...]
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      Subject: [scrumdevelopment] Multiple Customers in one Sprint - questions

      I'm using Scrum in a "support and development" group, where one
      Sprint could conceivably produce different software products for two
      different groups - say, Sales and Finance.

      In looking ahead, this seems problematic in terms of efficient use of
      resource time for Sprint Planning/Demo/Review meetings. Either we'd
      Plan/Demo/Review all Customers' work (and alternatively bore one and
      then the other Customer) or we'd need to have two sets of these
      meetings, each focused on a given Customer. I'd think the latter
      would be better, as wasting Customer time does not make a good case
      for Scrum's efficiency.

      Something feels strange here. I'd guess it's better for a Sprint to
      be serving a single Customer... and we could run two parallel
      Sprints, each focusing on one Customer. But this scenario would occur
      when work for one customer does not fill a whole sprint...

      Can anyone share their insight on this or point me to an
      article/discussion pertinent to multi-customer sprint planning?


      (oh, the conundrums we encounter in the REAL world of Scrum! :-)

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