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  • Tom Poppendieck
    Marco - I do not quite see the description you gave of the scientific method as much different from the practice of Test Driven Development.
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 28, 2003

      Marco –


      I do not quite see the description you gave of the scientific method as much different from the practice of Test Driven Development.  Examining/creating small isolated feature by small isolated feature eventually leads to emergence of a coherent overall design protected by a comprehensive theory/set of programmer tests. 



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         we must be aware that every model and every theory are approximations. We know that our analisys methods and logic thinking cannot explain the complexity of a phenomenon in every single aspect and the Scientific Method usually isolates a (relativity) small set of phenomenons to build a model to describe that set. Doing so the Scientific Method ignores other events and the model will not give us a complete description of the real situation. Events not considered may have so little effects that considering them would not modify the theory in a significant way (at least at the eye of the researcher).

      Edward Lorenz, in 1961, discovered how much that apparently irrelevant events in reality could be of fundamental importance if not even the most important! Lorenz's experience was about meteorologic simulations but we can find examples also in the well known Newton's mechanic where the effects of air resistance are ignored.

      At 10:34 AM 8/28/2003 -0500, you wrote:
      >The Scientific Method is fundamentally an exercise in empirical
      >thinking.  Calling it deterministic makes no sense to me.  What we
      >should be trying to do is move the principles behind the Scientific
      >Method into software development:  study, experiment, learn, don't jump
      >to conclusions, adapt you thinking to feedback from experiments.  What's
      >wrong with that?

      Marco Abis
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