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Re: Personality types and scrum

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  • dnicolet99
    ... Sure, and that s why I was careful to say we shouldn t read too much into it. The reasons you list that team members don t like Scrum sound negative rather
    Message 1 of 8 , Nov 30, 2006
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      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, "entretriens"
      <entretriens@...> wrote:

      > There is some truth to this statement, but it doesn't address some
      > other prevalent conditions. From my immediate experience, teammembers
      > don't like scrum because among many things:
      > 1) The visibility doesn't allow them to 'goldplate' or work on other
      > pet projects.
      > 2) The visibility requires that each individual account for their time.
      > 3) The visibility minimizes the occurences of inflated processes and
      > timelines, because someone will usually say something.
      > 4) The horizontal/collaborative team structure a minimal level of
      > social interaction and communication.
      > 5) The horizontal/collaborative team structure frustrates the needs of
      > the big egos that want centerstage.

      > Given that everyone has the required
      > skill set, I see it as questions of basic ethics and ego. Is the
      > person more motivated by values, money or glory? Is the person for the
      > team or for himself? Is the person flexible/coachable? Can the person
      > think in terms of simplicity?
      > I don't disagree with Myers-Briggs, in fact I find the studies
      > interesting (I am an INTP). I just don't think that determing a
      > candidate's compatability with scrum is all that involved.

      Sure, and that's why I was careful to say we shouldn't read too much
      into it.

      The reasons you list that team members don't like Scrum sound negative
      rather than positive. They seem to suggest underlying fears rather
      than objective reasons to dislike Scrum.

      Regarding the idea of someone being for the team or for himself, I
      wonder if that's really a binary choice. I've found that being a
      member of a team that delivers value is very rewarding on a personal
      level. Is it necessary that to be "for oneself" one must be "against
      the team"? Sounds like a personal problem!
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