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  • PaulOldfield1@aol.com
    (responding to Olivier) Let s deal with the biggie first... ... You are quite right to question the adequacy. But this problem is not limited to agile
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28 9:22 AM
      (responding to Olivier)
      Let's deal with the biggie first...

      > ... adition to that, when reporting to the Board we have
      > to make strong commitments on scope / budget / plan.
      > We are questioning ourselves on the adequacy of an
      > agile method in such a context.
      You are quite right to question the adequacy.  But this
      problem is not limited to agile methodologies.  ANY
      methodology will have problems if scope, budget and
      also delivery date are fixed up front.  In theory, you can
      permit any two of the three to be fixed.  It's what is known
      as the Iron Triangle - a classic insoluble problem unless
      you break one of the sides or have inordinate luck.
      What an agile approach will give you (if working correctly)
      is visibility of the likelihood of meeting the targets, and
      flexibility of response in case some adjustment of goals
      is needed.  Or you could take a traditional approach and
      not find you are running into trouble until it's rather late to
      come up with a sensible response.  But you already
      tried that, I gather.
      Paul Oldfield.
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