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2nd Workshop on Empirical Evaluation of Agile Processes (EEAP 2003)

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  • Grigori Melnik
    Call for Participation The Data Workshop - 2nd Workshop on Empirical Evaluation of Agile Processes (EEAP 2003) Held in conjunction with XP/Agile Universe
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 10, 2003
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      Call for Participation

      "The Data Workshop" -
      2nd Workshop on Empirical Evaluation of Agile Processes (EEAP 2003)
      Held in conjunction with XP/Agile Universe 2003
      August 10, 2003
      DoubleTree Hotel New Orleans
      New Orleans, Louisiana
      World Wide Web: http://sern.ucalgary.ca/eeap/

      EEAP 2003 is the premier workshop for academics and software
      professionals interested in using measurements to 1) provide input
      for software engineering decision support, 2) determine the
      situations when applying agile methods would be beneficial, 3) raise
      the awareness and visibility of the competitive advantage of agile
      teams, and 4) plan and budget for a software development effort that
      involves agile methods.

      As compared to last year, agile methods are increasingly closer to the
      mainstream. This means that more organizations require support and
      more detailed understanding of how agile methods will affect their
      development teams. In addition, these organizations want to assess
      the customer value that teams deliver through agile practices.

      This workshop builds on the success of the 1st Workshop on Empirical
      Evaluation of Agile Methods at XP/Agile Universe 2002 in Chicago

      This year's workshop focuses on people's experiences with measurement
      of agile methods in either academic or industrial settings. The
      intent is to explore research experiments, process improvement
      initiatives, or just-in-time process configuration exercises that
      rely on data. Participants are interested in sharing ideas on non-
      intrusive data collection methods and how the data is used to support
      the initiative.

      The workshop will include a brief summary of EEAP 2002 (last year in
      Chicago) where returning participants can report on what they've done
      in the agile measurement area since the last workshop. Then the
      organizers will present three of the submitted
      experiments/initiatives for the workshop to consider. The work
      sessions will focus on providing critiques of the presented
      experiments/initiatives and then on refactoring them to address
      additional concerns or issues that the participants might face in
      their own work environment. The exercise, we believe, will foster
      participants' awareness of issues in gathering and using empirical
      evidence in industry.

      Your Participation Is Invited

      Submit a summary of your experiment, initiative, or data-backed
      discovery and how your organization will use the results by July 27,
      2003 to Adam Geras at ageras@....

      Your summary must not be longer than two (2) pages and should clearly
      convey the author's interest and/or experience in empirical studies
      of agile software projects (whether it's exploratory studies,
      assessment studies, manipulation experiments or observation
      experiments). Appendices that provide technical details related to
      the experiment or initiative are acceptable, if necessary.

      Preference will be given to those experiments/initiatives reporting
      attempts to measure agile processes. The experiment may also
      challenge the other workshop attendees with evidence of what does or
      does not work when approaching this topic and why.

      Submissions pertaining to empirical evaluation of agile projects
      should include the context of the project, including the team
      composition, project size, agile technique(s) under study, and the
      target operating environment (embedded software, business software,
      personal software, etc.). All submissions must include name,
      affiliation(s), address(es), phone and fax numbers, and primary
      electronic mail address.

      Please mail your submission (in PDF, HTML, or MS Word format) to Adam
      Geras (ageras@...) before the submission deadline.

      Important Dates

      Deadline for submission of position papers: July 27, 2003

      Notification of acceptance: August 2, 2003

      Workshop date: August 10, 2003

      Dissemination of Results

      The organizers will publish the submitted experiments on the workshop
      web page (http://sern.ucalgary.ca/eeap) prior to the workshop and
      expect the participants to read them before the workshop.

      Workshop Registration

      To ensure a sufficiently small group for effective interaction, the
      organizers will limit the workshop attendance based on a review of
      position papers from potential attendees.

      You must register in the XP/Agile Universe 2003 conference to
      participate in the workshop.


      Adam Geras (Primary Contact)
      University of Calgary
      Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
      2400 University Dr. N.W.
      Calgary, AB T2N 1N4

      Grigori Melnik
      University of Calgary
      Department of Computer Science
      2500 University Dr. N.W.
      Calgary, AB T2N 1N4

      Laurie Williams
      North Carolina State University
      Department of Computer Science
      Campus Box 7534
      1010 Main Campus Road, 407 EGRC
      Raleigh, NC 27695
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