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RE: [scrumdevelopment] Scrum Alliance Program Update

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  • Bryan Zarnett
    ... Thanks. Marco and Ken helped alot. (Thanks guys) ... The next phase which will be release in the next week or two will have a tool for Certified Scrum
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 7, 2003
      On Monday, July 07, 2003, at 11:14AM, Mike Cohn <mike@...> wrote:

      >Awesome site. I love the look and the content.

      Thanks. Marco and Ken helped alot. (Thanks guys)

      >a) Something Ken and I talked about before was having each Scrum Master's
      >name be a link to a page provided by the ScrumMaster. The page could be on
      >the ScrumAlliance site so they all look the same and provide similar
      >information at first or it could be a link to the ScrumMaster's site. Anyone
      >who doesn't want to provide a page just has his or her name listed.
      >Additionally, it would seem useful to say where each ScrumMaster is located.
      >For example, I'm listed in Chicago but am really nowhere near Chicago. Over
      >time I think an alphabetic listing will be more useful than a city-based

      The next phase which will be release in the next week or two will have a tool for Certified Scrum Masters to change their e-mail address, location, etc. Right now its setup by where you took your certification. It should be by City and Country. As well, in this stage you will be able to have your name link to your e-mail address.

      A future phase will have you link to a website or web page, as well as distinguish between levels of Certification.

      Providing Scrum Master pages on the alliance site will be put in the backlog for the website and we will go from there with it. It's a good idea.

      I'm working on a tool which will be more specific for Ken that will help manage some of the general Certified Scrum Master information including what programs they belong to, what programs they are directing, etc.

      >b) The Agile Alliance logo should link to that site.

      Yah. That might be a good idea, eh? ;-)

      >c) It may be worthwhile having a link to "Scrum Articles" which you can link
      >to at http://www.agilealliance.com/articles/searchResults?topic=Scrum

      I have a link for "Articles" which I will include the links to the scrum related search results. This is a good idea!

      >Other than this looks fantastic. I look forward to getting involved.
      Good! You've been enlisted!
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