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Re: Recommended number of participants in CSM course

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  • jay_conne
    I like Mike s point. I m currently helping an A-level organization establish Scrum as cultural norm. The intent is to have all understand what we teach CSMs
    Message 1 of 10 , Jul 3, 2006
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      I like Mike's point. I'm currently helping an A-level organization
      establish Scrum as cultural norm. The intent is to have all
      understand what we teach CSMs about the WHY and the HOW of Scrum.
      That will facilitate maximum understanding and collaboration.

      Under the leadership of a strong, practical and visionary VP of Eng.
      and another Eng. Mgr., they first selected Agile and then
      specificlly Scrum as a framework. They have 2 teams (splitting to
      3) doing their first approximations at Scrum with a lot of missing
      details and therefore a lot of missing benefits.

      I'm training everyone I can and will be coaching starting-up teams
      shortly. So far, the buzz is very good! For starters, I'm doing 1-
      hour lunch-time introductions every day I'm on site, that are open
      to all, from execs to business folks, to all development team
      members. We've also had some more focused sessions including:
      - PM/SMs,
      - PO's,
      - Bus. and Eng. leads for a specific business
      - An all Eng and Q/A session to address their integration vs 'over
      the 'wall' practices. The focus was on them selecting next steps to
      do this integration while attending to the valuing of all parties,
      ala self-organizing.

      One of the open questions is how to take the in-process teams and
      get the training integrated into their ongoing commitments. Do we
      do a training mini-sprint? - or just call it a training
      interuption? Do we do some JIT components of the training to
      address a dimension at a time?

      It's NOT boring :-). The politics is driving open, transparent
      communication and safe place for bad news to travel up including all
      the team safety issues for continuous learning.


      --- In scrumdevelopment@yahoogroups.com, Mike Cohn <mike@...> wrote:
      > The statement that the course is targeted to "PMs, team leads,
      > management and product mangers" is, I suspect, very specific to
      > instructor. My version of the Certified ScrumMaster course is
      > much targeted at the entire team. Most managers and team leads
      > have a difficult time helping their teams adopt Scrum if the team
      > members themselves had not been trained in Scrum and the many
      > differences in how to think about problems that come about from
      > adopting it.
      > Regards,
      > Mike Cohn
      > Author:
      > Agile Estimating and Planning
      > User Stories Applied
      > www.mountaingoatsoftware.com
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